Q&A with Paul Lowe:

What has been your career path that led to where you are today?
Nothing in my life was ever planned. I wanted to be an actor and ended up as a florist. After 10 years as a florist, I started as a food and prop stylist and a crafter. Then after meeting a guy that lived in NYC, I moved here, sold everything and started a new life.  I tell you it’s the most liberating thing I have ever done.  It felt so good knowing that I owned my stuff, my stuff didn’t own me.  Four years ago I decided to start the magazine, and now it’s my full time job.  Life is really strange.

How did you learn to do what you do?
In my line of work, taste is all that matters.  You can be as amazing as you want, if you don’t have good taste, it’s over.  I believe that you are born with good taste, it is not something you can learn in any school.  I still remember the first job I did as a stylist.  I had this idea of shooting apple desserts in an old house in the woods.  We found this old abandoned house and did our shoot in there.  It turned out really nice.  One week later, the house was torn down.  We were so lucky.

What is one of your favorite projects?
Always the latest project that I’m working on. Once it’s shot, I’m on to the next.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished a book called Eat & Make, out spring 2014.  I’m now planning holiday and a wedding special issue.

Describe your style.
I like to dress up a little.  A cravat or a bow tie is nice. I like shoes.

Anything unexpected about the work you do?  Something you didn’t know before you started on this path?
It’s so much more work then you think it is.

Where do you get inspiration?
Blogs.  Everything from Design Sponge to Decor8.  I love Donna Hay. French magazines like Marie Claire and Maison.  The Met, ABC Home, and flea markets.

A peek into Paul's craft room in his home in Brooklyn.

A peek into Paul’s craft room in his home in Brooklyn.

Something you’ve always wanted to do or someone you’ve wanted to collaborate with?
I really want to work with Ditte Isager.  I love her way of shooting.

What other creative things are you doing? Any classes or other projects?
I just signed up for a pottery class. I tried years ago and was totally crap with it, hopefully pottery is something that comes with age, unless I’m totally f…

What is your dream project?
That some publisher calls me up and says “Hi Paul, want to make a tropical cookbook in Bali, 6 weeks of shooting, villa by the sea, first class tickets”.  Not too much to ask, right?

To see more of Paul’s work, please go to Sweet Paul Magazine.