Simone Fabricius & Adam Walko | Creative Directors at Safari Sundays

Layne Braunstein and Josh Horowitz | Co-Founders of Fake Love, an Experiential Agency

Zack Yanger | Founder and CEO of Break Content

Pierre Lipton | Chief Creative Officer at 360i, a Digital Marketing Agency

Olivier Peyre | Co-Founder and Creative Director of Kettle, an Interactive Agency

Alice Bertay | Founder and Creative Director of Kid-In Magazine

Leah Siegel: Musician, Singer and Songwriter | Jon Morris: Creative Director and Founder of The Windmill Factory

Karioki Crosby | Artist, Curator & Museum Educator Based in Harlem, New York

Aaron Duffy | Creative Director at 1stAveMachine and Co-Founder and ECD of SpecialGuest

Shireen Jiwan | CEO and Founder of Sleuth

Daniel Garcia | Creative Director and Director at DECON and Boss

Michael Lebowitz | Founder and CEO of Big Spaceship

Kristen Mulvihill | Visual Artist

Vincent Mei | Founder and Creative Director at Bajibot

Vida Cornelious | Chief Creative Officer at GlobalHue, a Total Market Ad Agency

David Schwarz | Co-Founder and Creative Partner at HUSH

Annina Roescheisen | Multimedia Artist

Connie Birdsall | Creative Director at Lippincott

Laura Manns | Illustrator and Fabricator

Harrison Winter| Founder and CEO of Co.MISSION