Q&A with Linsey:

Please tell me a bit about yourself and explain what you do as an artist.
I am originally from Buffalo, New York and I have lived in New York City for 12 years. I am the owner of Face Time Beauty Concierge, which is a group of top beauty experts working together to primp and polish our clients in NYC and all over the world.

How did you get to where you are today? 
I was always obsessed with makeup but I didn’t decide to make it my career until I realized how much I wanted to begin my own business.  I wanted to work for myself and do something that I really loved and was passionate about. When I began Face Time Beauty, I was going at it alone and meeting as many people as possible. I owe a lot of my success to the relationships I made with event planners and decision makers. They believed in me and encouraged me to grow my business. Now we have 14 people on our team and in addition to makeup, we offer beauty services for hair, nails and spray tanning!


What has been your own personal career path that led you to start your own company?
My Father has been involved with and founded many small businesses and I think I really learned a lot from a young age by listening to his experiences. I worked for other companies but it always felt strange to be putting in so much work for someone else. I like to call the shots, and I always felt that it was worth the hard work and sacrifice if it let me be in control of my own destiny.

How did you learn to do what you do as a makeup artist and business owner?
I jumped in head first. I went to classes, I took every job possible (even free jobs!), and I talked to as many people as I could. After a little time, I was good enough at makeup to begin on my own and then when the business started growing, I hired others to do the actual fieldwork so I could focus on the business, marketing and branding.

Describe your style.  Is your personal style different from your professional style?
I think that my personal style is like many modern NYC women. We tend to wear little makeup because we don’t have the time to primp ourselves every morning. I like a clean and light makeup look and a nice, quality blowout.

We work with lots of brides who want a bump (or two) up from their average every day look. There are so many trends that are constantly changing but I think the best look, and what we try to stick with at Face Time, is elegant and classic.


How do you define success?
Success is happiness. If someone is truly happy, they are successful. My Father always says, “the best status symbol is money in the bank”. So many people I know define success by “things” and I have never been that way. My husband and I have created a wonderful life for ourselves and for our children. We are healthy and happy and we know what is important. I truly believe that I have achieved my definition of success.

Who inspires you? 
My father for teaching me to always take the high road, going against the grain, living in reality, and staying focus on what is important. My mother, for being a kind person who shows respect and gratitude to everyone, no matter who they are.  I also find inspiration in other women, especially mothers, who figure out how to keep their lives balanced.

What do you love about the work you do?
I love that my job is so social and I am constantly meeting new people. I am never sitting in the same place for too long and I get to be visually creative and work with an outstanding team.


To learn more about Linsey and Face Time Beauty Concierge, please go to http://facetimebeauty.com.