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(Synopsis) An In-Depth examine the layout of the trendy Fly Rod, Its background and Its function in Fly Fishing.

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And so, man has copied Mother Nature by "growing" very small-diameter fibers and placing them in a resin matrix where each fiber can carry its share of the load. The role of the surrounding resin becomes clear when one considers how a fly rod would behave if it consisted of just a bunch of loose longitudinal fibers. Each fiber I n May 1973, an article which I had written was published (Table A-5, No. " To the best of my knowledge, it was the first public writing which introduced the fly-fishing community to the use of boron and graphite fibers for fly rods.

Another factor which significantly affects fly rod selection, perhaps more important than all other factors, is personal preference. A fly-fisher might for example prefer to use a six-weight outfit on a small spring creek, even though most would use a four- or even a three-weight fly rod. Line Weight The design of a fly rod is affected by many variables, but the most important is the weight of the fly line to be used. When the fly rod and line are not properly matched, the angler is forced either to significantly adjust their casting stroke or to have more or less of the fly line extended beyond the rod tip, so as to properly flex the rod.

Using Leeson's charts, this same weight was measured with the first 45 feet of SA's WF4F line and with the first 23 feet of their WF8F line. If those variable lengths are within the skill capabilities of the angler, his fly rod can be effectively used for a much wider range of fishing applications, Casting The casting character of a fly rod is very dependent on the person who is doing the casting. One fly-fisher's perfect fly rod might be another's broomstick or buggy whip. One can appreciate this by examining the mechanics of casting.

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