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Organic Form: Literary works that do not follow a rigid set of rules, but the rhythm of the thought/emotion being expressed. Organic Unity: A theory that suggests that every element of a good literary work contributes to the whole. They are all interdependent on each other and if even one element, a character, an action, etc, is removed, than it will take away from the potency of the work Sprung from your sacrifices, the future of our Corps will be launched from your legacies; the Corps you have deeded us will remain prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Whenever the nation calls to Send in the Marines—we will respond and we will succeed—because our course has been set by you—through your extraordinary performance and selfless devotion to duty in the mountains and on the shores, in the dust and in the snows of a far off country named Korea. for service as set forth in the following Citation: "For extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance of duty in action against enemy aggressor forces in the Chosin reservoir and Koto-Ri of Korea from 27 November to 11 December 1950 Interior Monologue - A narrative technique in which action and external events are conveyed indirectly through a fictional character's mental soliloquy of thoughts and associations. Internal Rhyme - Also called middle rhyme, a rhyme occurring within the line , e.g. A movement in philosophy but especially in literature, romanticism is the revolt of the senses or passions against the intellect and of the individual against the consensus. Its first stirrings may be seen in the work of William Blake (1757-1827), and in continental writers such as the Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the German playwrights Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
One of the profound difficulties in ascribing authorship to any piece of literature from so long ago is that copyright, in the modern sense of the term, did not exist. A writer simply did not own his or her own words, an inconceivable state of affairs The theatre in Renaissance England steadily evolved from a village festival attraction to a bona fide cultural institution ref.: Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “Adonais,” which mourns the death of John Keats, is an example of an elegy. Epic: A lengthy narrative that describes the deeds of a heroic figure, often of national or cultural importance, in elevated language , cited: It’ll complement your content without overshadowing it. The Ravel theme from Theme Hybrid follows the minimalism trend but offers a textured background and nice details that help it to stand out from the pack Over 2,000 Unique Items that Alter Hero Appearances! – While journeying through the epic saga of ChronoBlade, players collect elements for equipment upgrades that alters the appearance of the Heroes when equipped. ChronoBlade, the weapon that shares the same name as the game, is an extremely superb legendary item! Be the first to get epic loot and boast about your ChronoBlade adventure! 5. Over 2,000 Unique Items that Alter Hero Appearances! – While journeying through the epic saga of ChronoBlade, players collect elements for equipment upgrades that alters the appearance of the Heroes when equipped read here. This collection is packed with that "oldskool" feel of visuals, action and gameplay and should be a must have for any fan of UT99. Description: This takes the "over the shoulder" camera view and gives it the UT3 treatment for fans of 3rd person gaming. This is a great way to see your favorite custom characters in action or experience the popular "Gears of War" view , e.g. Cocktails and Drinks – Cosmopolitans, Cowboys, Manhattans and Martinis There is no architectural form more expressive than the dome, symbol of the centre of the world since the time of Nero, who in his 'Golden House' built one in the form of a planetarium which revolved to show the movements of the stars. Thus the order of the Empire was patterned on the order of the cosmos, an ancient magical idea which is also found in ancient Chinese cosmology , e.g. read pdf. The Wildcat theme is designed for travel agencies and booking companies looking for a unique and intuitive search function. The majority of your site’s focus goes straight to the search engine, and the wide-screen slider offers a chance to reveal striking images from destinations throughout the world. The easy color customization is always a nice feature, and the eCommerce-ready design makes it simple for monetizing your website , source: What did Brecht mean by “reality” in the theatre and how did he seek to achieve it through his production methods The great scientific advance of the seventeenth century consisted not only in discoveries, but also in the methodical organization of the instruments of knowledge, and the shift in emphasis from a priori mental constructs to experimental results. No other school of art has adopted the inductive method so wholeheartedly as the Dutch school. Confining their investigation to what them ref.:

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