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Pinto and Angelous J. Mrope No. 298 Uganda's AIDS Crisis: Its Implications for Development. Jill Armstrong No. 299 Towards a Payments System Law for Developing and Transition Economies. Raj Bhala No. 300 Africa Can Complete! Export Opportunities and Challenges for Garments and Home Products in the European Market. Tyler Biggs, Margaret Miller, Caroline Otto, and Gerald Tyler No. 301 Review and outlook for the World Oil Market. Shane S. Streifel No. 302 The Broad Sector Approach to Investment Lending: Sector Investment Programs.

The main conclusions of the paper follow. 1 Oil Demand in the Developing Countries 1971-93. The paths of per-capita oil consumption for the different regions of the world have varied widely since 1971. In the OECD, per-capita oil consumption declined after oil prices increased, especially after the 1979-80 price increase, but has remained flat since the early 1980s. In China, it has grown at a slower rate than income, while in the rest of Asia it risen about as rapidly as income. Consumption in the oil-exporting countries once surged when their income grew, and it has continued to grow albeit more slowly even though per-capita incomes have been stagnant or declining.

Income, Per-Capita: History 1971-93 and Projections to 2010 China, Other Asia, Other LDC, OPEC & Mexico 79 List of Tables 1. Levels for Oil and Energy Consumption, Income, and Population for 1993 13 2. Per-Capita Levels of Oil and Energy Consumption, and of Income, for 1971 and for 1993 22 3. Oil's Share of Energy and of Electric Power, 1971 and 1993 28 4. 1993/1971 Ratios for Per-Capita Values of Income, Energy, Oil, and Oil . Product Consumption 30 5. Oil Product Consumption, 1993 35 6. Oil/GDP Ratios for Total Oil and Eight Products, 1993 37 7.

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