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And that we can soon master the skills that we need to better understand it, and even more importantly, to survive nearly anything that nature OR civilization can throw at us. He also shows us that it’s not just the environment that benefits from a path of greater simplicity. He points out that the rewards of this life style/mindset have less to do with a number on a bank statement and more to do with the number of hours spent in enjoyment with your family. So, enjoy! Introduction Survival. What is survival?

Maybe you have steel wool in your garage or workshop, or in the kitchen. Though this method can be done with one new C cell, I find it is easier with at least two D cells. Hold the two D cells as they would be in the battery, and stretch a piece of steel wool so it goes from the top of the top battery to the bottom of the bottom battery. Make the steel wool fluffy, and move it a bit. The steel wool will begin to burn. Have your tinder ready, and then ignite the tinder with the steel wool. By the way, if you have a fresh nine-volt battery, you can simply press the battery onto steel wool and it will ignite since both poles are side by side.

Transpiration Bag Over the years we’ve made many desert solar stills. First dig a hole (about three feet deep by three feet wide) where there is likely to be underground water; then place a container in the middle of the hole, surround the container with grass and cacti (if available), and cover it all with a sheet of plastic. Digging a hole for a desert solar still. DUDE McLEAN Though there is always some water evaporating out of the soil, location is still very important with this method. Some spots evaporate out far more water than others.

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