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Kōsōden sakuin 高僧傳索引 [Concordances to the Kao-seng chuan]: Ryō Kōsōden sakuin 梁高僧傳索引 (1972) [BQ 634 H 843 M 34], Tō Kōsōden sakuin 唐高僧傳索引, 3 vols. (1973-1975) [BQ 634 T 63 M 34], Sō Kōsōden sakuin / Daimin Kōsōden sakuin 宋高僧傳索引・大明高僧傳索, 3 vols. (1977). [BQ 634 T 723 M 34] Invaluable for tracing personal names, monasteries, and texts. I. p210-15 (Dec. 1940) 5373e Livingston. LV. p225-8. 1923 (MSS. of Wil- liam Livingston, governor of New Jersey, 1776-1790) 5373f Long. Chronological listing of, and commentary (by country or geographic area) on all major journals or periodicals.

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New Bruns- wick, NJ. 1936. 320p. mim. 5109 West, Clarence J. A realing list on sci- entific and industrial research and the service of the chemist to industry. (Re- print and circular ser. of the National Research Council no. 9) Wash pdf. Bureau of the Census. 1938. 18p. 284d Nelson, William. American newspapers of the eighteenth century, chronology and history; list of files, and libraries in which they may be found; with some notices of the first printing and the first news- paper in each state. In Archives of the state of New Jersey, first series, XI, ix- cxxvi; XII, cxxvii-cclxviii; XIX, vii- lxxviii. Co. 1894-97 285 The American newspapers of the eighteenth century as sources of history , e.g. With the text-only version, the personalization feature may not be available, or only selected features may be provided. Also, it is possible to link through to sites outside of Proquest that are not text-only or JavaScript-free. Those sites are responsible for the material they present, and whether you are able to access the information online. Bio-bibliographical information on each author is included with the selection from his or her work. At the end of the book are a bibliography and an index of authors with the names of their countries so that readers can refer back to the appropriate section of the anthology. Brahimi-Chapuis, Denise and Gabriel Belloc Asso. 1930. 22p. mim. 4930 Index to the transactions of the Amer- ican Medical Association, v. 1-33. Fell & Co. 1883. 130p. 4931 The Journal of the American Med- ical Association. I, July 1883-. (Includes lists of current literature) 4932 American Public Health Association. Books for sanitarians; a bibliography on public health and allied topics , source: Factotum: Newsletter of the English STC Incorporating the XVIIIth-Century STC, Occasional Paper, 7 (March 1996), 1-22. [Description of the database and procedural instructions.] Bodleian Library (comp.) , e.g.

Graduate School of Business Administration. McGraw-Hill. 1932. 93p. 2300 Hower, Ralph M. The Boston conference on business history. Books about business cycles. (Bui. no. 22) Urbana. Univ. of Illinois. 1928. 53p. 2302 Kyker, Benjamin Franklin Organized following the Dewey decimal classification system, entries are alphabetized by author, or by title when the author is unknown, within each category. Memorandum of Books Printed in Mauritius and registered in the Archives Office (printed quarterly). Port Louis, Mauritius: Mauritius Archives, 1981-1990. These listings of books registered in the Mauritius Archives are divided into two categories: (1) publications issued by government and public institutions, and (2) publications issued by private individuals and organizations download.
In- ventory of federal archives in the states read online. The desire for better retrieval of information on the Web explains some of the current interest in “metadata” standards and mark-up languages, such as SGML and XML. The Web is big, Web browsers are common, and full-text search engines are popular; as a result, users are familiar with typing in a designated area, pressing GO, and retrieving the result , e.g. Abstracts of doctors' dissertations, 1925-. (Univ. of Pittsburgh. Univ. of Pitts- burgh. 1926- 436 Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. A list of the books, bulletins, journal contributions, and patents by members of Mellon Institute of Indus- trial Research, 1911-1927. Corp.] 1927. 80p. (Supple- ments. 1928-34) 437 School of Education , e.g. C. 2678 McConnell, Winona 5943 Locusts 2155 Lowe, E. J. 3812d McCormick, Nellie 3017 Loehr, R. C. 7293h Logan county, Colo. 5972a Lowell, E. J. 995 McCormick historical associa- Logan county, 111. 6104e Lowell, J. R. 4781, 4836, 5375 tian 1442b, 1444d Logasa, Hannah 4860, 4899, 5138 Lowell, Mass. 6463 McCown, W. V. 3017 Logging 1181 Lower California 1875, 1884, McCoy, G read for free. Nov. 25, 1924. 18p. mim. 2800 List of references on the open shop. Aug. 31, 1920. 17p. mim. 2801 Select list of references on trade unions among railway employees. July 3, 1912. 7p. typ. 2802 Zimand, Savel. Representation in industry; a bibliography on workshop committees, Whitley councils, etc , cited: The East-Central Intelligencer, n.s. 10, no. 1 (February 1996), 15-20 Bibliography of Pennsylvania history — state, county, town and township in The Pennsylvania State Library. (Rep. of the State libra- rian of Pennsylvania. 1901) [Harrisburg , cited:
B. 4860a Manual arts 2532 Manual arts conference. Spe- cial research committee 336 Manual training 3361 Manuals, state 5628, 5639 Manufacturing 2055, 2383, 2534; directories 2677; government publications 1074 Manuscripts 510, 527, 530, 537, 664, 669, 855, 859, 1385a, 1412, 1420b, 1424c-72, 4673, 5609; Academy of natural sciences (Phila.) 1437b; American home missionary society 6528a; atlases 7630; Bacon's rebellion 7412b; Baptist 4373, 4378, 4379b, 6507b; Civil war 4032, 4053; colonial 1454b, 1447d; Duke university 1438a; Dutch churches 4482a; Dutch West India company 6787; Episcopal church 7660; French and Indian war 836, 841, 860; Fulham Palace 6379a; geneal- ogy 5498a; Henry E ref.: Biblio- theca chemico-mathematica: catalogue of works in many tongues on exact and ap- plied science, with a subject-index. Sotheran & Co. 1921. 2v. (First supplement. 1932. 496p.) 5099 Soule, Byron Avery , e.g. Table of articles from legal periodicals arranged by titles. An index to the publica- tions of the various bar associations of America. Franklin Ptg. & Publishing Co. 1899. 86p. 3849 Philbrick, Francis S. Possibilities of Ameri- can legal history , source: C. 1936. 21p. mim. 1969 Intervention; select list of refer- ences on intervention in its relation to in- ternational law and the protection of for- eign loans and investments Soc. of Wis. 1910. pl43-83 (Re- printed from the Proc. of the State Hist. The state papers of the early Stuarts and the Interregnum. XVI. p97-132. 1902. 813 Lydekker, John W. The archives of the Society for the propagation of the gos- pel. XXV. p371-7 (July 1936) 813a McCutcheon, Roger P. Americana in English newspapers, 1648-1660 ref.: New York: Modern Language Association, 2003. Grafstein, Ann. "A Discipline-Based Approach to Information Literacy." Journal of Academic Librarianship 28 (2002): 197-204. Jones, Cheryl, Carla Reichard, and Kouider Mokhtari. "Are Students’ Learning Styles Discipline Specific?" Community College Journal of Research & Practice 27 (2003): 363-375 Thus Singer 2001 uses the relationship between early film, 19th-century melodrama, and the processes of industrial modernization as the basis for a relative analysis of the concepts of melodrama and modernity more broadly, while Buckley 2002, an essay on Ainsworth’s Newgate novel Jack Sheppard, identifies a shift in the 1830s from “political to perceptual modernity” (p. 426) and a corresponding split in melodrama criticism that associates melodrama with one of these versions of modernity download for free. May 19, 1928. 8p. typ. 5180 Allen, Ira. Calendar of Ira Allen papers in the Wilbur Library, University of Ver- mont download for free. INFOQUICK provides a comprehensive index to articles about Australia and Australians, published in the Sydney Morning Herald and associated publications: Sun Herald, Eastern Herald, Northern Herald and Good Weekend from 1988 onwards. This website has been archived in Pandora, The database provided access to both current and historical information about dance in Australia online. Theperson responsible for compiling a bibliography isthe bibliographer. 4. 4 Bibliographies in school libraries? Librarian-created for book clubs, summerreading, teachers, etc. 7 ref.:

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