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College of agriculture 7804 Wisconsin 5762a, 7483-515b; gov- ernors 7709 Wisconsin academy of sciences, arts and letters 7514 Wisconsin archaeological so- ciety 7515 Wisconsin magazine of history 7515a Wise, M. Inventory of the county archives of New Mexico. 1937-. mim. Catalogue [of] books, pamphlets and newspapers in the South Dakota division of the South Dakota State Library, July I, 1908. Digest of out- standing federal and state legislation af- fecting rural land use. (Bul. no. 55) Wash.

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Historical Commission. [Legislative records in the custody of the commission]. In Report of the His- torical Commission of South Carolina, 1906. [Raleigh] Gonzales & Bryan. 1905- 06. pl3-19 7302 South Carolina download. Vol. 65: 1990 [1993] xiv + 843; Vol. 66: 1991 [1994] xxvi + 1013; 67: 1992 [1994] xxxii + 1105; 68: 1993 [1995] xxv + 1007; 69: 1994 [1996] xxiv + 1046; 70: 1995 [1997] xxix + 1338; with indices of authors/subjects and of scholars. [Compiled by an international team of contributors, with editors changing, but Gerard Lowe remained editor for Vols. 66-70, with D pdf. But coverage has been extended to include a much wider range of popular and vernacular songs including, in particular, eighteenth century songbooks and nineteenth century music hall publications. Originally envisaged as covering Britain and Ireland, material from across the English-speaking world is now included pdf. Illustrations constitute valuable forms of interpretation and warrant consideration in the history of the analysis of Poe’s oeuvre download epub. Baron La Hontan, a bib- liographical and critical note by the editor. In Narrative and critical history of America Nov. 2, 1920. 17p. typ. 3582 List of references on state police and similar law enforcing organiza- tions. Nov. 17, 1922. 12p. mim. 3583 List of references on the ad- mission of new states. 1904. lOp. typ. 3584 — List of references on the budgets of the states Wilson. 1933. p246-63 32 Barrow, John Graves. A bibliography of bibliographies in religion, with a critical study of bibliographies dealing with American Protestant missions to foreign lands. (Yale Univ. MS. (Not available for use; compiler in- tends to publish) 33 Beal, W. Department of Agri- culture to the bibliography of science. Bibliographies of special subjects originally published in the Bulletins of the library, no. 5; a cata- logue of the bibliographies of special sub- jects in the Boston public library, to- gether with an index to notes upon books and reading to be found in library cata- logues, in periodical and other publica- tions online.

In- ventory of federal archives in the states. April 1940. 25p.; The Department of the Treasury. March 1940. 22p.; The War Department. 1941. 10p.; The Depart- ment of Justice , e.g. Lay, Hubbard & Wheelright. 1915. 32p. (Re- print from Landscape architecture Similarly, generic, linguistic, intertextual and ideational nuances in modern Indian English-language writing often cannot be grasped when the texts are studied in isolation from Indian literary traditions in Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Tamil, and other languages, and without sufficient knowledge of Indian history, society, and cultural practices. Should such texts then be approached primarily as part of "Indian literature" A bibliography of eugenics. (Univ. of Calif. Press. 1924. 514p. 4945 Index medicus war supplement; a classified record of literature on military medicine and surgery, 1914-1917. Carnegie Inst, of Wash. 1918. 260p. 4946 John Crerar Library. Cards 4946a Kremers, Edward and Urdang, George. History of pharmacy: a guide and a sur- vey. Lippincott. 1940. 466p. (The establishment of the literature, p224-92; Bibliography, p357-86) 4946b Kydd, David Mitchell ref.: download online.
Tentative bibliography of Matthew Fontaine Maury. n.p. n.p. 1917. 36p. typ. 5389 Meany download for free. Soc. of Pennsyl- vania) 7176 Fortenbaugh, Robert. Historical Society of Gettysburg College. (MS. card bibliog- raphy on printed materials and newspa- per items) 7177 Hayden, Horace Edwin. A bibliography of the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania; being a catalogue of all books, pamphlets, and other ephemera in any way relating to its history, with bibliographical and critical notes List of the Vernon-Wagner manuscripts in the Library of Congress. Comp. under the direction of Worthington Chauncey Ford. Off. 1904. 148p. (Re- late to the West Indies during the French and Indian war) 836 Waldon, Freda F. Queen Anne and "The four kings of Canada"; a bibliography of contemporary sources. XVI. p266-75 (Sept. 1935) (Visit of four Indian chiefs to England in 1710) 836a Williams, Judith Blow LX. p305-8 (Oct. 1936) (Hist, of the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography) 7252a Sachse, Julius Friedrich. Title-pages of books and pamphlets that influenced German emigration to Pennsylvania, re- produced in facsimile read here. E. 1312, 1739, 2564a, 2854, 3950, 4027, 4728, 5063, 5752a, 5753 Hage, E Use Advanced Keyword to search for books on topics such as: Remember to add an asterisk (*) after the word Christian to include the words Christians or Christianity in your search. Browsing: Location and Call Numbers for browsing the shelves for books on Christianity are 2 South BR1-BX9999(circulating books) or 2 North Reference BR1-BX9999 Faculty of the Department of political economy. Univ. of Chicago Press. 1910. 282p. 2054 Cochran, Thomas C. A bibliography of American economic history since the Civil War. In progress 2054a Doriot, Georges F. and McNair, M. Selected list of references on economics, finance, manufacturing and marketing. (Supplement to the Bui. of the Harvard Business School Alumni Asso , e.g.
Louis Mer- cantile Library. (Lib. reference list no , cited: Library 907a, 4468-9 Presbyterian journalism 266a Presbyterian serials 174b Presidential campaign, 1840 5296a Presidential campaign, 1890 5373b Presidential term 3552a Presidents 1548; biographies 5163a; elections 3664, 3688-9, 3705, 3707, 3802; papers 1424c, 1445a, 1459d; powers 1723, 3498, 3544, 3758; term 3524-5 President's commission on economy and efficiency 1073, 1221, 1420o, 3535. 3573-4 President's committee on farm and village housing 4548 President's conference on home building and home ownership 2132-6, 4550-1 Press The Mummers Index database is a simple finding aid which helps the user locate plays in the Library’s extensive collection of books and periodicals Indexes to subject, titles, and authors. Bibliographie du Bouddhisme, vol. 1: Editions de textes. Publications de l’Institut Belge des hautes l’etudes bouddhiques, serie bibliographies, no. 2. Brussels: Institut Belge des hautes l’études bouddhiques, 1969. [NOT at UCLA] ________. Bibliographie du Bouddhisme, vol. 2: Traductions de Textes. Publications de l’Institut Belge des hautes l’études bouddhiques, serie bibliographies, no. 3 ref.: A selected list of refer- ences on old-age security — no. 3. The United States, Part I and II, Alabama- Minnesota, Mississippi- Wyoming. A selected list of ref- erences on old-age security, no. 2. C. 1935. 44p. mim. 4564 Social recovery plan, shift- ing of industry and population groups; a tentative list of references. C. 1934. 23p. mim. (Supplement, Feb. 26, 1934. 9p. mim. 4565 U , source: Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America and of English Books Printed in Other Countries, 1641-1700. Vol. 4: Indexes: Index of Printers, Publishers, and Booksellers; Chronological Index of Non-London Publications [to the rev. 2nd ed.] Reading list on Cuba and the present war with Spain. Bibliografia de la segun- da guerra de independencia Cubana y de la Hispano-Yankee, publicado en la Re- vista illustrada "Cuba y America." Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1980. Kim, Chin-W., with Seok Choong Song. "Language and Linguistics." Studies on Korea: A Scholar's Guide. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1980. Kim, German N. and Ross King. “The Koryo Saram: An Annotated Bibliography.” Korean and Korean American Studies Bulletin 12:2-3 (2001): 141-189. Kim, Han-Kyo. "Bibliographies, Handbooks, Journals, and Other Publications." Graduate work in Bay- lor University: presented by the Univer- sity committee on research work download epub. The updated and online version of the Union List of Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks of North America. Restricted to UT Austin faculty, staff, and students. This is the electronic version of The Bibliography and Index of Geology, produced and compiled by the American Geological Institute , e.g. read epub. Kokushi daijiten 國史大辞典 [Encyclopedia of Japanese National History]. 17 vols. Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 1979–1998. [Ref

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