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However, some believed the exemption should not be limited to just one foreign government representative if the representatives are otherwise independent and are not executive officers of the issuer. When such a request is supported by good cause, such as personal incompatibility or a substantial disagreement on litigation strategy between the party and assigned counsel, the judge shall forthwith issue an order discharging and relieving assigned counsel from further representation of the party in the action or appeal.

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Damages must be proven. (2) A decree terminating a marriage maybe entered by default. All other issues (custody, child support visitation, division of property, etc.) must be resolved through presentation of evidence ref.: Insurance Code §1271.251 provides that the formula or method for computing the schedule of charges for enrollee coverage for health care services must be filed with the commissioner before the formula or method is used in conjunction with a health care plan , cited: D-9: Under what circumstances must a group health plan (or disability benefit plan) disclose the identity of experts consulted in the course of deciding a benefit claim? The regulation provides that, in order to allow claimants a reasonable opportunity for a full and fair review of their claim, a plan's claims procedures must provide for the identification of medical (or vocational) experts whose advice was obtained on behalf of the plan in connection with an adverse benefit determination, without regard to whether the advice was relied upon in making the determination FISCAL NOTE AND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT IMPACT STATEMENT. Debra Diaz-Lara, director, Managed Care Quality Assurance Office, has determined that for each year of the first five years the proposed new sections are in effect, there will be no fiscal impact on state or local governments as a result of enforcing or administering the sections, other than that imposed by the statute Since the job analysis in this example did not also show that the ability to read such instructions more quickly or to understand more complex materials would be likely to result in better job performance, a reading test supported by content validity alone should be used on a pass/fail rather than a ranking basis. In such circumstances, use of the test for ranking would have to be supported by evidence from a criterion-related (or construct) validity study

In addition, even if I could call the physician as a witness, his testimony concerning what the patient told him would also be hearsay, since it would be offered to show that the patient did in fact start bleeding when the defendant hit him , source: read here. Under some circumstances, however, the terms of the evaluation may be limited. For example, certain issues or sources may be categorically excluded, or the scope of search may be limited by time constraints or the noncooperation of persons having relevant information. Any such limitations that are material to the evaluation should be described in the report. If after a lawyer has commenced an evaluation, the client refuses to comply with the terms upon which it was understood the evaluation was to have been made, the lawyer's obligations are determined by law, having reference to the terms of the client's agreement and the surrounding circumstances
Whenever the claim or defense asserted in the amended pleading arose out of the conduct, transaction, or occurrence set forth or attempted to be set forth in the original pleading, the amendment relates back to the date of the original pleading. ����� (d) Supplemental Pleadings , source: Aug. 31, 2013. 737.3 Citation; Issuance; Appearance Date -- Repealed by order of April 15, 2013, eff Insurance Code Chapter 4201, Subchapter H, provides for the appeal of adverse determinations. Insurance Code Chapter 4201, Subchapter I, provides for the independent review of adverse determinations. Insurance Code §32.041 provides that the department furnish to the companies required to report to the department the necessary forms for the required statements. Insurance Code §36.001 provides that the commissioner may adopt any rules necessary and appropriate to implement the department's powers and duties under the Insurance Code and other laws of this state Each form described in subsection (a) of this section will be considered a separate evidence of coverage filing and, except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, is subject to the filing fee prescribed in §7.1301(g)(4) of this title (relating to Regulatory Fees) for initial submissions. (c) The filing fee for matrix filings is $100 per individual evidence of coverage provision, with a maximum fee of $500, whether the filing is an initial submission or a resubmission. §11.502 For purposes of this section: (i) “electronic means” shall mean any method of transmission of information between computers or other machines, other than facsimile machines, designed for the purpose of sending and receiving such transmissions, and which allows the recipient to reproduce the information transmitted in a tangible medium of expression; (ii) “NYSCEF” shall mean the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System and the “NYSCEF site” shall mean the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System website located at; (iii) “e-filing”, “electronic filing” and “electronically filing” shall mean the filing and service of documents in a civil action by electronic means through the NYSCEF site; (iv) an “authorized e-filing user” shall mean a person who has registered to use e-filing pursuant to subdivision (c) of this section; (v) an “action” shall include a special proceeding and an “e-filed action” shall mean an action in which documents are electronically filed and served in accordance with this section; (vi) “hard copy” shall mean information set forth in paper form; (vii) “working copy” shall mean a hard copy that is an exact copy of a document that has been electronically filed in accordance with this section; (viii) “party” or “parties” shall mean the party or parties to an action or counsel thereto; (ix) “unrepresented litigant” shall mean a party to an action who is not represented by counsel; (x) “expedited processing” shall mean the expedited registration of a person as an authorized e-filing user; and (xi) “Resource Center” shall mean the NYSCEF Resource Center, the e-filing help center available at 646-386-3033 or and through the NYSCEF site. (b) E-filing in Actions in Supreme Court , cited:
Such statement must provide the date, time, and place where counsel conferred and the names of all participants at the conference. (2) Unless otherwise ordered, pro se parties, counsel whose clients are litigating against pro se parties, and non-parties to the litigation who are not represented by counsel are not required to meet and confer about a discovery dispute prior to filing a discovery motion. (b) Motions to Compel Discovery In a proceeding under this section the court may determine who the members or directors are. (c) The order issued pursuant to this section may dispense with any requirement relating to the holding of and voting at meetings or obtaining of votes, including any requirement as to quorums or as to the number or percentage of votes needed for approval, that would otherwise be imposed by the articles, bylaws, or this part. (d) Wherever practical any order issued pursuant to this section shall limit the subject matter of the meetings or other forms of consent authorized to items, including amendments to the articles or bylaws, the resolution of which will or may enable the corporation to continue managing its affairs without further resort to this section; provided, however, that an order under this section may also authorize the obtaining of whatever votes and approvals are necessary for the dissolution, merger, sale of assets or reorganization of the corporation. (e) Any meeting or other method of obtaining the vote of members, delegates or directors conducted pursuant to an order issued under this section, and which complies with all the provisions of such order, is for all purposes a valid meeting or vote, as the case may be, and shall have the same force and effect as if it complied with every requirement imposed by the articles, bylaws, and this part. [1986] Any action required or permitted to be taken by the members may be taken without a meeting, if all members shall individually or collectively consent in writing to the action read here. Section 202.25 Objections to Applications for Special Preference. (a) Within 20 days of the filing of the note of issue, if the notice of motion for a special preference is filed therewith, or within 10 days of the service of a notice of motion to obtain a preference, if served and filed subsequent to service and filing of the note of issue, any other party may serve upon all other parties, and file with the court affidavits and other relevant papers, with proof of service, in opposition to granting the preference , source: NNSC Commentary: Discovery may be broader than evidence admissible at trial. Parties may discover any relevant matter, not subject to an evidentiary privilege, which pertains to any fact or issue involved in the pending action. Discovery may be had of information that may be inadmissible at trial if it appears likely the information sought will lead to the discovery of admissible evidence , e.g. read here.

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