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These cases could, for example, be due to either inadequate pension entitlements at the ‘official’ age or significant financial inducements to delay retirement. A further eight countries are in the medium grey category, whilst the vast majority of countries face a situation where people retire on average significantly before the official age. 7 in Luxembourg. We could ask whether there is a link between the sign (positive or negative), the size of the gap and the type of pension system. 3 shows that the majority of Beveridgean countries are to be found in the light grey and medium grey categories, whilst the dark grey category is mainly populated by Bismarckian pension systems.

This is partly due to the diversity of the pension system, and partly due to the difficulties with the concept of ‘age’. Within the general scheme, the ‘legal’ age of retirement is set at 65 (which the 2010 reform increased to 67 by the year 2016): apRoberts (2007: 25) refers to this age as the ‘age of full tariff ’, the age at which one is automatically entitled to the full rate. However, it is possible to retire before this age, sometimes even at the full rate when fulfilling certain conditions.

And why do countries with apparently similar systems and concerns not implement the same policy change? To what extent does the nature of the state pension system determine the reforms undertaken? The present study will examine these questions with regard to statutory pension age increases. Note  For example, the classification was used by the European Commission in its 2003 guidelines (Commission of the European Communities, 2003b). 0006 2 Changing Ages Abstract: With population ageing, both pay-as-you-go pensions and funded pension schemes need to undertake reforms: the lever of raising the age of entitlement is high on the political agenda.

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