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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Polychaeta Myzostomidae and Sedentaria of Antarctica

In regards to the ProductPublished by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study sequence. content material:

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Distribution:KerguelenIslands. Sclerocheilus minutus Grube, 1863 2. Body with deep midventralgroove (pl. XV, fig. 2) ........... 3 Body without deep midventralgroove. Travisia 3. Body linear; midventralgroove throughoutlength ..... Ammotrypane Body thick; midventral groove only posteriorly(pl. XVI, fig. 3) ...... 4 4. Anterior end marked off from thoracicregion (pl. XVI, fig. 3) . Euzonus(Thoracophelia) Anterior Plate XIV, figs. 9, 10 47 end not marked off from thoracic region (pl. XVI, fig. 8) .....

Wilhelm II Coast,in 385 m. Benham,1921, p. 108. 64ø to 65øS,southof New Zealand, in 110-325 fins. Benham,1927,p. 129. McMurdoSound,RossSea, in 200-250 Monro,1930,p. 161. EnderbyLand,in 93-126m. Augener,1932b, p. 51. Bouvet Island, Peter I Island,Deception Island,Port Lockroy,in 50-300 m. X Flabelligerainduta Ehlers (from Ehlers, 1897,pl. 7, figs. 169, 171, 172). 1. Anterior end, in left lateral view, x 6. 2. Parapodium with portion of body wall, x 25. 3. Falcate uncinusand a partially developedhook, X 92.

Segmental grooves visibleonlypostethanthose in moreposterior segments. Segments 1-5 riorly. Cephalic appendages includea pair of thick slightlyinflated, segments 6-8 narrowed, increasing in palpi (fig. Thefirstsegment aslongasnext3 together; to segment33, or posteriorend. Median segmentsits anteriorrim continuous all around,with an enwith midventralgroove. Parapodialow, papillar. circlingseriesof long,slender setaedirectedforward. Posterior endterminates in a pairof short,triangular Cephalic setaepaleyellow,slender, weaklycurved, cirri continuous with the pygidialring.

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