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By Setsuo Okuda, Jorg Imberger, Michio Kumagai

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Coastal and Estuarine reports Series.

Lake Biwa is essential in a social context. it's the greatest lake in Japan and almost immediately offers a few 15 million humans in 4 prefectures, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo with ingesting water, making it the only most vital resource of water in Japan.

It can be very important from a geographical point of view. it's a average lake born a few 5 million years in the past and is for this reason geologically one of many oldest lakes on the earth.

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–6): S. Okuda and M. Kumagai
Chapter 2 overview of Geostropic Gyres (pages 7–13): S. Endoh
Chapter three box statement within the North Basin (pages 15–29): S. Endoh, Y. Okumura and that i. Okamoto
Chapter four Water Mass alternate among the most Basin and Shiozu Bay (pages 31–42): I. Okamoto and S. Endoh
Chapter five box Observations of the Dense backside present among The North and South Basins (pages 43–51): okay. Okubo
Chapter 6 Numerical Simulation of Density?Induced Currents among the North and South Basins of Lake Biwa (pages 53–64): Y. Oonishi
Chapter 7 Spectral Irradiance and Optical houses (pages 65–76): R. Tsuda and M. Nakanishi
Chapter eight Turbidity within the North and South Basins (pages 77–85): R. Tsuda
Chapter nine Dynamics of the Turbid Benthic Boundary Layer (pages 87–99): M. Kumagai, R. Tsuda and ok. Fukagae
Chapter 10 Distribution and combining of the River Seri Water (pages 101–118): I. Okamoto, S. Endoh and M. Kumagai
Chapter eleven Sedimentation of Suspended subject within the Mouth of the Ane River (pages 119–127): Y. Okumura
Chapter 12 Inflows because of Snowmelt (pages 129–139): M. Kumagai and H. Fushimi
Chapter thirteen contemporary Sedimentation charges and Sedimentary Anomalies (pages 141–152): H. Taishi
Chapter 14 backside Sediments and Paleo?Hydrological strategies (pages 153–167): A. Yamamoto
Chapter 15 worldwide Paleo?Hydrological techniques and Lake Biwa (pages 169–180): ok. Kashiwaya and okay. Fukuyama
Chapter sixteen Thermal Infrared Mapping (pages 181–193): Y. Itakura
Chapter 17 Laser Sensing of Phytoplankton measurement (pages 195–201): R. Tsuda, Y. Kakui and M. Kumagai
Chapter 18 New size strategies and a few Depositional difficulties on the Lake backside (pages 203–213): ok. Yokoyama and S. Okuda

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The dominant temperatureoscillation period was about 2 days corresponding to theperiodof the internalKelvin wavethat haddevelopedin the main basin. Temperatureoscillationswere consistentlyin phasewith eachotherwhile the currentvelocitiesat 8 rn and43 rn were 180ø out of phasewith the temperaturesignal. As the upper layer water moved northwardand the lower layer southward,the temperatureat all stationsrosesimultaneously, and conversely,when the upperlayer flowedsouthward andthelowerlayernorthward,the temperature fell.

LAYER • ,',. 0 ,, -10 • -20 5 AUG. 6. Periodicoscillations of temperature at four stations(upper)andof longitudinal components of current velocities in twolayers(lower);northward currentis 38 Water MassExchange ShiozuBay hastwo internalseiches,one of whichis a free oscillationof the bay water and the other is forced by the internal Kelvin wave intruding from the main basin. 7 showsthe result of a Fourier analysisof currentvelocities (al-a3), wind velocity (b), and temperature(cl-c4). Dominantamplitudepeakscan be seenin all three,with a commonperiodof about1 day (24-27 hours).

PERIOD (Hour) 50 20 I 10 I 29 Aug-4 Sep. , 29 Aug - 4 Sep. 1983 Shiraishi 18m layer 'X. ;'! ,,. 13. 12(afterEndohandOkumura, 1989). 4 x 10-5s-1 )andR is the internalradiusof deformation. 6hourrespectively, almost coincidingwith theobserved periods. Thissubsidiary circulation isconsidered tobea 28 Field Observation processin the gyre and playsan importantrole in the distributionof suspended substances in thelake. Theseexistonlyin theepilimnionandtheirstrength is stronglycorrelated to thedegreeof stratification.

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