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By Angeliek van Hout, Henriëtte de Swart, Henk J. Verkuyl (auth.), Henk J. Verkuyl, Henriette de Swart, Angeliek van Hout (eds.)

The goal of this e-book is two-fold: to provide a retrospective view at the earlier thirty years of analysis on aspectuality and temporality in addition to to enhance new views at the destiny improvement of the sector. Articles include overviews of the advance of the sphere and/or current the state-of-the-art of present examine, suggesting new and upcoming strains of analysis. a massive subject during the ebook is typological edition, and the relevance of empirical facts for conception formation.

Together the articles within the e-book take a large crosslinguistic scope together with aspectual analyses of: English, and types of English: African American English and Colloquial Singapore English, Italian, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Mandarin chinese language, West-Greenlandic, Wakashan languages, and Nakh-Daghestanian languages.

Audience: students and scholars of aspectuality in semantics and on the syntax-semantics interface.

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Dordrecht: Reidel. Lascarides, A. (1988). A Formal Semantics of the Progressive. PhD dissertation, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. Lewis, D. (1972). General semantics. In D. Davidson & G. 169–218). Dordrecht: Reidel. g . Cambridge: The MIT Press. , & Laurence, S. ) (1999). Concepts. Core Readings Moens, M. (1987). T Tense, Aspect and Temporal Reference. PhD dissertation, University of Edinburgh. , & Steedman, M. (1987). Temp m oral ontology in natural language. 1–7). Stanford University, July 1987.

But why is there only a choice between s verb and e? Arguments of the predicate also decide on what sort of eventuality is yielded. Sentences like M Mary wrote letters in M Mary wrote letters on Sundaay shouldd neither be analyzed as e: write(x,y) nor as s: write(x,y) . K&R’s choice between states and events could be considered highly arbitrary given the fact there are good reasons to end up with states, processes and events. As shown in Figure 2, the three aspectual classes are the outcome of the compositional process of getting the aspectual info f rmation of elements in a sentence to the top of the predication.

E. the language side, of the model-theoretic (logical-semantic) interpretation function as the point of departure rather than its codomain, the domain of discourse itself. From this it follows that aspectual classes are not stable persistent ontological categories at the level of lexical categories: whatever contact is made with the domain of discourse, it is at the phrasal level, which amounts to saying that the ties between a language element and its denotation I(α) existing at the bottom level at which the interpretation function I begins, are rather comp m lex at the phrase levels at which α is a VP or an S.

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