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By Allen G. Hunt (auth.)

The current monograph offers, for the 1st time, a unified and entire creation to a few of the elemental shipping homes of porous media, reminiscent of electric and hydraulic conductivity, air permeability and diffusion. The remedy relies on serious direction research and the scaling of shipping houses that are separately defined as features of saturation.

At an identical time, the booklet provides an academic on percolation idea for hydrologists, offering them with the instruments for fixing genuine difficulties. In flip, a separate bankruptcy serves to introduces physicists to a few of the language and problems of groundwater hydrology worthwhile for capable modelling.

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Such models were at least conceptually consistent with network treatments of the pore space. Many such models have been constructed, the most simple of which involved cylindrical tubes for pore throats and spherical volumes for the pore bodies. Variations include, among others, bi-conically shaped pore throats. Network models analogous to random resistor networks are then constructed based on some variation of this scheme, usually with a consistent coordination number from site to site. Occasionally effectivemedium or percolation treatments are applied to obtain flow and transport properties of such models.

4 Soil Morphology Most information on soil physics is collected by the US Department of Agriculture. If one investigates the relevant databases, one will find that in most cases the information available is the texture of a soil. This texture is related in a complex way (using displays of the various fractions of sand, silt, and clay particles on a triangular diagram) to the particle size distribution and organic content of the soil while the particle size distribution is related in some fashion to the pore size distribution.

The aspect of the Scher and Zallen (1970) relation that the critical volume fraction is a constant fraction of the porosity is also preserved, though in this case the relation would have to be appropriately modified to refer to the interstitial space. To the extent that distinction between pore bodies and throats is relevant to a given medium, the water storage properties of the medium relate most closely to the pore bodies while the flow properties relate most closely to the pore necks. g, Fatt, 1956) for flow are based on this distinction.

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