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By Abraham Pais, Maurice Jacob, David I. Olive, Michael F. Atiyah

Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac used to be one of many founders of quantum concept. he's numbered along Newton, Maxwell and Einstein as one of many maximum physicists of all time. jointly the lectures during this quantity, initially provided at the get together of the commitment rite for a plaque honoring Dirac in Westminster Abbey, provide a distinct perception into the connection among Dirac's personality and his clinical achievements. The textual content starts with the commitment deal with given by means of Stephen Hawking on the rite. Then Abraham Pais describes Dirac as anyone and his method of his paintings. Maurice Jacob explains how Dirac used to be ended in introduce the idea that of antimatter, and its important position in glossy particle physics and cosmology. this can be by way of David Olive's account of the starting place and enduring impression of Dirac's paintings on magnetic monopoles. ultimately, Sir Michael Atiyah explains the deep and frequent value of the Dirac equation in arithmetic.

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