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By Jane Muir

Attention-grabbing bills of the lives and accomplishments of history’s maximum mathematical minds--from Pythagoras to Georg Cantor. fascinating anecdotes approximately Descartes, Euler, Pascal, many extra, in addition to available discussions in their contributions to mathematical idea. 30 diagrams. Bibliography.

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We *now from Euclidean tween the sides of similar triangles always remains the same, no matter how great or small the difierence in size between the ffangles. , the ratio of the r and V values, will remain constant. And since r and y determine the points on the line QP', there will be a constant ratio between the pairs of numbers on the line. * The arms of the new right triangle QNP' are each 4 units long. The arrn lying on the r axis extends across the xA intersection into the negative side so that one of its four units is a minus unit.

On a little longer-cures for diseaseand perhaps the secret of eternal life were soon to be found. And it was man's mind-not miracles or magic-that would find them. in an Age of Reason and helped set the stage for the modern world. " His mother died a few days his birth and the weak, sickly baby, too, was "condemned"ft", to dy" young" by the doctors. But he managed to survive and grew into a pale, serious child with the same dry cough that his mother had had-perhaps an indication of tubereulosis.

For instance, what do the curves,a circle and * p*"bola, have in common outside of their not being straight lines? When Descartes studied curves on his graphs, he discovered some sutprising results. He noticed that all curyes fall into certain general categories of equations, just as straight lines do. A circle, for instance, with its center at the intersection of the r, and A axes ( Diagram 6 ), has a circumference that is everywhere equidistant from O. Only points lyitrg on this circumference describe the circle.

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