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Masking 25 different types of assessments, this advisor offers info to augment sufferer care making plans and implementation. for every kind of attempt, info is supplied on anatomic, physiological, and pathophysiological understandings of methods; reference values, together with diversifications on the topic of age

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Cell size is indicated by the terms normocytic, microcytic, and macrocytic. Hemoglobin content is indicated by the terms normochromic, hypochromic, and hyperchromic. Table 1–6 shows anemias classified according to these terms and in relation to the results of RBC indices. To calculate the RBC indices, the results of an RBC count, Hct, and Hgb are necessary. , abnormalities of RBC size or extremely elevated WBC counts) may result in misleading RBC indices. For this reason, a stained blood smear may be used to compare appearance with calculated values and to determine the etiology of identified abnormalities.

Each chain of globin is associated with a heme group. Each RBC contains approximately 250 million molecules of hemoglobin, with some erythrocytes containing more hemoglobin than others. The oxygen-binding, -carrying, and -releasing capacity of Hgb depends on the ability of the globin chains to shift position normally during the oxygenation–deoxygenation process. Structurally abnormal chains that are unable to shift normally have decreased oxygen-carrying ability. This decreased oxygen transport capacity is characteristic of anemia.

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