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The Way of the Explorer: an Apollo astronaut's journey through the material and mystical worlds

Apollo 14 astronaut Mitchell bargains a imaginative and prescient within which expertise and instinct are harmonized in pursuit of a extra complicated recognition. whilst Mitchell was once hurtling again to earth after strolling at the moon in 1971, he had a profound feel that each one issues are interconnected and that the universe is an clever strategy with which we have to hyperlink up.

Draw the Lightning Down: Benjamin Franklin and Electrical Technology in the Age of Enlightenment

Such a lot folks know--at least we've got heard--that Benjamin Franklin performed a few type of electric test with a kite. What few folks realize--and what this e-book makes powerfully clear--is that Franklin performed an immense position in laying the principles of recent electric technological know-how and know-how. This fast moving e-book, wealthy with old info and anecdotes, brings to existence Franklin, the massive foreign community of scientists and inventors during which he performed a key position, and their outstanding innovations.

Sky of Stone: A Memoir

Homer Hickam received the compliment of critics and the devotion of readers together with his first memoirs set within the hardscrabble mining city of Coalwood, West Virginia. the hot York instances topped his first publication, the number one nationwide bestseller October Sky, “an eloquent evocation . .. a completely fascinating memoir. ” and other people known as The Coalwood means, Hickam’s follow-up to October Sky, “a heartwarmer .

"A Disgrace to the Profession"

The "hockey stick" graph of world temperatures is the one such a lot influential icon within the global-warming debate, promoted through the UN's transnational weather paperwork, featured in Al Gore's Oscar-winning motion picture, utilized by governments around the globe to promote the Kyoto Accord to their voters, and proven to impressionable schoolchildren from kindergarten to commencement.

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In addition, the physical demands at the school “to toughen him” were too strenuous. For example, to reach the train that took him to his mother during summer vacation in 1918, the twelve-­year-­old Hans had to hike three hours carrying a very heavy rucksack on a very hot day. He prob­ ably got badly dehydrated on the march, and Anna was frightened when she saw him. ” Hans was very happy to do so. Kreuznach and Odenwaldschule were critical events in Hans’s life. 47 Odenwaldschule had severed Hans’s ties to his ­stuffed animals.

Hans was very happy to do so. Kreuznach and Odenwaldschule were critical events in Hans’s life. 47 Odenwaldschule had severed Hans’s ties to his ­stuffed animals. ”48 With it he built large bridges, cranes, and buildings, some a meter high. He was very proud of these constructions. Hans returned to Frankfurt just before the war ended. ” But it was also a very hungry time, [because of the British naval blockade] and I remember that very vividly, and I never got enough to eat, and what we got was pretty miserable stuff.

The Armistice conditions were really very harsh.  . Well, that was more or less obvious, but also the larger part of our railway stock—hundreds of locomotives, thousands of freight and passenger cars—and that really hurt. It hurt the country because the transportation of food depended on it, and so my father was quite despondent on reading these Armistice conditions. He knew perfectly well that Germany would lose the war. But I ­don’t think he anticipated that it would lose the war that badly. Nor, that it would then be treated so harshly.

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