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By Changhai Ru, Xinyu Liu, Yu Sun

This publication covers the state of the art applied sciences for positioning with nanometer resolutions and accuracies, really these according to piezoelectric actuators and MEMS actuators. the newest advances are defined, together with the layout of nanopositioning units, sensing and actuation applied sciences and keep an eye on tools for nanopositioning. this is often an incredible ebook for mechanical and electric engineering scholars and researchers; micro and nanotechnology researchers and graduate scholars; in addition to these operating within the precision instrumentation or semiconductor industries.

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The PiezoWalk (produced by Physik Instrumente [35]) and the Piezo LEGS(R) (produced by Piezomotor AB [36]) work based on the same stepping principle but ® they use different arrangements. In the PiezoWalk motor [35], the clamping and feeding actions are achieved by longitudinal and shear actuators contained in four legs. The legs are working in pairs for the clamping and the feeding motion. In ® the Piezo LEGS , the motor also has four legs, but each of them is a piezoelectric bimorph actuator [37].

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