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By Linda King Newell

Emma Smith didn't rfile her existence in a diary or magazine. This e-book is a biographical reconstruction of Emma Smith's lifestyles from records and proof except the few letters and one web page of advantages she left at the back of.

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According to his mother’s account, Joseph had not wanted to participate in the first place. Soon he succeeded in getting Stowell to end the project. Emma did not see Joseph from the same perspective as her father. She found him pleasant, thoughtful, and open, without being rowdy. Josiah Stowell believed “he was a fine likely young man & at that time did not Profess religion he was not a Profain man although I did once in a while hear him Swair he never gambled to my knowledge. . I well know he was no Horse Jocky for he was no Judge of Horses I sold him one that is old.

She forbade him to touch her team, dismissed the man, and took charge herself, financing the remainder of their journey by selling their household goods along the way. Lucy finally reached her husband with few belongings and two cents in cash. T h e senior Joseph had found a place to house his family temporarily near the center of Palmyra. Lucy painted designs on oilcloth and baked cakes, gingerbread, and other pastries to sell with beer and boiled eggs. The sign by the door, c a k e and b e e r s h o p , advertised the little business.

Knight ahead of them, unloading supplies. The tired men hefted the food into the large basement room and stacked it along the stone wall. Emma gratefully surveyed ten bush­ els of grain, six bushels of potatoes, a barrel of mackerel, and a pound of tea. Knight had even remembered lined paper. Isaac Hale’s face may have been grim if he watched free provisions arrive at the door of a son-in-law who, he felt, neglected his farm. W ith adequate supplies stored away and Samuel working the farm, Jo­ THE “ ELECT LADY” 29 seph and Oliver resumed work on the plates.

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