Moral Values and the Idea of God: The Gifford Lectures

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It does happen - praise the Lord - that youth who have had a very difficult adolescence mature into faithful Christians, refined by their trials. Hence the opinions advanced by the wise men of antiquity, such as Pythagoras (582-500 B. David Ewert, formerly Professor of New Testament at Mennonite Brethren Bible College, is now on the faculty of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Evangelicals have been at the forefront of fights against abortion and assisted suicide.

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It is possible for individuals to be saved from this sinful pretension, not by achieving an absolute perspective upon life, but by their recognition of their inability to do so. Individuals may be saved by repentance, which is the gateway to grace. The recognition of creatureliness and finiteness, in other words, may become the basis of man's reconciliation to God through his resignation to his finite condition The significance of faith is that it illumines reason, so that the moral way can be known 'easily, with certitude, and without admixture of error'. Such a basically philosophical ethic has not always commended itself. So that from time to time movements for renewal have arisen, most recently and most notably in the 1940s and 1950s ref.: In some cases, these are economic structures that rely upon the availability of women, desperate to work for any pay under any conditions and at any cost to their dignity , source: – a fortnightly seminar in which current students present their own work, listen to senior Faculty members talking about their work-in-progress, or engage with guest-speakers. • The McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the regular seminars, colloquia and conferences organised by this centre affiliated to the Oxford Faculty of Theology and Religion Kate Shellnutt / March 27, 2015 The invitation will come soon enough. Peter Ould, Eve Tushnet, Lisa Severine Nolland, Sherif Girgis / March 17, 2015 Raising moral kids in a culture of rewards. Valerie Dunham, guest writer / January 29, 2015 We need a better approach to the traditional biblical ethic on sexuality. In the era of massive data collection, Uncle Sam snoops on a grand scale In keeping with the College’s Augustinian identity, mission, and vision, this course will also highlight the contributions of St. Satisfies the first institutional requirement in religious and theological studies , source:

John Paul II reached out to women who have had an abortion, urging them "not to lose hope, to face the situation honestly, and give themselves over with humility and trust to repentance." They lift the ethical imperatives of the NT completely out of a legalistic context and make them a part of our total experience of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ It does so when its ethics can be understood without depending on the existence of God or the superemecy of the Church or the Bible , cited: Wayne Grudem [266] Christian Ethics: Commandment 6 - War (Pt. 1 of 2) - Dr. Wayne Grudem [265] Christian Ethics: Commandment 6 - Capital punishment - Dr. Wayne Grudem [264] Christian Ethics: Commandment 6 - "You shall not murder" - Dr. Wayne Grudem [263] Christian Ethics: Commandment 5 - Civil government; Revolution, rebellion and consent of the governed (Pt. 3, 2 of 2) - Dr Cambridge: Christian Social Ethic..’ Transformation 18.3 (July, 2001): 155-171
This long-awaited book by one of American Christianity's foremost ethicists proposes a framework for sexual ethics whereby justice is the criterion for all loving, including love that is related to sexual activity and relationships. It begins with historical and cross-cultural explorations, then addresses the large questions of embodiment, gender, and sexuality, and finally delineates the justice framework for sexual ethics , e.g. What, for example, about slavery, birth control, juvenile delinquency, polio, speeding on highways, labor unions, stock-market manipulations, hydrogen bombs and war? The first and last existed in full force within the period covered by the Bible, but the Bible does not tell us what to do about them; the others are for the most part modern problems Pacifism being the view that no war should ever be engaged in. Geisler presents the biblical and philosophical arguments for each view then analyzes them Christians believe you cannot win or earn God’s favour. God’s forgiveness and blessing is a GRACE – a gift that is freely given and not deserved or earned. By Mona Charen / National Review Online / Posted on October 11, 2016 A significant portion of the Republican electorate has clearly decided that the answer to the Clinton squalor is to find a champion who can match them in ugliness It is common for us to determine our moral responsibility by weighing the consequences of our actions. According to consequentialism, correct moral conduct is determined solely by a cost-benefit analysis of an action's consequences: Consequentialism: An action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable The international business community can count on many men and women of great personal honesty and integrity, whose work is inspired and guided by high ideals of fairness, generosity and concern for the authentic development of the human family , cited:
Natural and Divine Law: Reclaiming the Tradition for Christian Ethics online. The New Testament is more clearly “rule skeptical”, if you will, and so seems more virtue ethical. The truth, however, is that both the New Testament and the Old Testament are thoroughly virtue ethical, and one of the great theological errors—it is the error of Pharisaism to be exact—is to see either or both of them as deontological I remember an unbelievable sadness that came over me when my parents told me my father would no longer be allowed to pastor the church he was presently serving. We would be moving out of our beautiful house to a walk-up apartment on the outskirts of town until I graduated from high school. I remember looking in my parents’ eyes and seeing the shame there, especially in my dad’s eyes read pdf. First thing my dad ever gave--he started it all--he gave me a catcher's mitt when I was one Paley, W., 1830, The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, Cambridge: Hillard and Brown. Plato, Collected Dialogues, Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns (eds.), Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1963. Quinn, P., 1978, Divine Commands and Moral Requirements, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Rousseau, J.-J., The Social Contract and other Later Political Writings, Victor Gourevitch (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997 They would argue that human nature, as we know it now, is very far indeed from expressing the way God intended us to be; it has been distorted by our own wrongdoing at every period in human history. Theologians did, and to some extent still do, differ considerably in their estimate of the extent of this moral distortion of human nature ref.: But practically they always mix the finite with the eternal and claim for themselves, their nation, their culture, or their class the center of existence. This is the root of all imperialism in man and explains why the restricted predatory impulses of the animal world are transmuted into the boundless imperial ambitions of human life Nash Liberty University Abstract The present paper provides an in depth comparison and contrast between two types of... Code of Ethics: the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). A brief description of the “Code of Ethics” is defined as a standard that differentiates between right and wrong primarily pertaining to the professional counselor, while maintaining a mindset of keeping the best interest of the client One example of this can be observed in the sharing of prayer requests with enough details so we can “pray intelligently.” The Christian counselor must guard against the temptation to share any facet of a client’s “story.” Example: A Christian counselor was having lunch with a friend and asked her friend to pray for one of her clients who was going through a bitter divorce , cited: Respondents answered for each that these were either "not a consideration" (0), "a minor consideration" (1), or "a major consideration" (2). Our additive decision-making criteria scale ranged from 0 (none of the three criteria were considerations) to 6 (all three criteria are major considerations) (alpha=.57) online.

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