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By Dan Cohn-Sherbok (auth.)

Since the post-Enlightenment, Jews have fragmented right into a number of sub-groups, each one with their very own spiritual ideology. This booklet offers an outline in addition to a critique of those quite a few Jewish spiritual teams and gives an alternate version of Judaism in accordance with an evaluate of the character of up to date Jewish existence. As could be visible, smooth Jews are deeply divided on a large choice of matters. Given this case, no uniform development of Jewish lifestyles could be imposed from above, neither is it more likely to emerge from in the physique of Israel. what's required as a substitute is a philosophy of Jewish autonomy which legitimizes Jewish subjectivity and private decision-making. This philosophy of Judaism - that's mentioned during this research as 'Open Judaism' - presents a brand new beginning for Jewish lifestyles as Jews stand at the threshold of the 3rd millennium.

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It already is ... maybe a third of the congregation is intermarried. I really don't know. , 28) The Director of 'Every Day, the Jewish Way' amplified the initiatives taken by the Reform Congregation to draw intermarried couples to the Temple. In her view, it is vital that children of intermarriages be brought up as Jews: I do communicate to them that I feel unequivocally that it is better for a child and for a whole family if there is a decision to raise a child in one religion. Whether one partner maintains her own religion but is supportive of the decision, or whether there is 16 Modern Judaism a conversion, there should be one religion for the child.

Humanists don't kill babies. I would get so mad. We're vegetarians and our friends would say they were going to a meatless, godless Passover! Modern Judaism 18 Edie: Yet we knew they didn't themselves believe in an allpowerful, all-loving God. I would feel really confused about it all. We were so on our own. Then in 1991, I got a phone call from someone who was trying to get a Humanistic group formed and it worked out. Right now we are a bona fide affiliated group accepted by the national body.

242-4) In their different ways these radical Jews have distanced themselves from the mainstream currents of modern Judaism. Standing outside the contemporary framework of the tradition, they have found new ways of making the Jewish heritage meaningful in their lives. THE UNAFFILIATED Within the Jewish community, there are also many individuals who have disassociated themselves from Judaism - some of these persons have simply assimilated into the secular world. As one of Modern Jewish Diversity 21 these assimilated Jews told us, he married a non-Jew and through the years had no particular affinity with the tradition: I've never belonged to a synagogue in Metropolis.

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