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By Sarah J. Dille

Whereas such a lot remedies of biblical metaphor research person metaphors in isolation, Sarah J. Dille offers a version for interpretation in accordance with their interplay with each other. utilizing Lakoff and Johnson's class of 'metaphoric coherence', she argues that once nonconsistent or contradictory metaphors look jointly in a literary unit, the parts of overlap (coherence) are highlighted in each one. utilizing the pictures of pop and mom in Deutero-Isaiah as a place to begin, she explores how those photographs engage with others: for instance, the divine warrior, the redeeming kinsman, the artisan of clay, or the husband. The juxtaposition of various metaphors (common in Hebrew prophetic literature) highlights universal 'entailments', allowing the reader to work out facets of the picture which might be missed or invisible if learn in isolation. Dille argues that any metaphor for God can in basic terms be understood whether it is learn or heard in interplay with others inside of a specific cultural context. this is often quantity thirteen within the Gender, tradition, idea subseries and quantity 398 within the magazine for the research of the outdated testomony complement sequence.

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Some general comments are, however, in order, in regard to this study's reliance on Black's analysis and Lakoff and Johnson's collaborative work. Discussions of metaphor usually deal with metaphor as language from one sphere being applied to something from another sphere. 80 The discussion then centers on how the 'tenor' and the 'vehicle' interact. For example, in a metaphor such as 'Man is a wolf the interaction is between the meaning of 'man' and the meaning of 'wolf. Theorists deal with this interaction in various ways.

76. Lakoff and Johnson, Metaphors, p. 83. 77. Lakoff and Johnson, Metaphors, p. 145. 1. Understanding Metaphor 17 metaphors are rooted in universal human experiences, such as the experience of being in a human body and the experience of gravity. 79 An example of this for our purposes is the concept of childbirth. While this is a widely experienced life event across all cultures, the concept of childbirth is culturally shaped. Thus, a culture's concept of childbirth is derived from both certain universals of the childbirth process (pain, fluids, danger to mother and child, a baby born) and a culture's distinctive understanding of the process.

18592. While this author agrees that Lakoff and Johnson's examples reveal a rather severe androcentrism, a limited range of examples is not fatal to the theory. 18 Mixing Metaphors etc. In a given text that uses parental imagery, any entailment that is part of the network of associations (Black's 'associated commonplaces') of father or mother is implicitly present, but some of these associations are downplayed, while others are highlighted. Such highlighting is often activated by the interaction of the parental language with another metaphor.

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