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By B. Indurkhya

Many metaphors transcend pionting to the present similarities among items -- they convey the similarities. Such metaphors, that have been relegated to the again seat in lots of the cognitive technological know-how learn, are the point of interest of recognition during this research, which addresses the construction of similarity inside an elaborately laid out interactive framework of cognition. ranging from the constructivist perspectives of Nelson Goodman and Jean Piaget, this framework resolves an obvious paradox in interactionism: how can fact no longer have a mind-independent ontology and constitution, yet nonetheless be capable of constrain the prospective worlds a cognitive agent can create in it? A complete conception of metaphor is proposed during this framework that explains how metaphors can create similarities, and why such metaphors are a useful asset to cognition. The framework is then utilized to comparable problems with analogical reasoning, induction, and computational modeling of inventive metaphors.

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For instance, consi der Melville's Moby Dick. There i s n o target mentioned or h inted t here. O f course, t he story is q u i t e meaningful as i t i s-as a conventional d e s c ri p t i o n of an imagined event . But ·it i s cer­ t ainly possible to interpret it metaphorically in many d i fferent ways i n many different domain s . N o w consider "Sincerity p lowed t h rough depravity," a n d ass u me t hat t he context does not help you at all i n identifying a target . What could the de- Chapt er 1: Characterizing Metaphor 17 scription b e about ?

The farmer keeps a st raight course w i t h her plow , u p rooting dead roots , weeds , small stones, and whatever happens to come i n her way. The chai rperson sticks to the agenda and summarily brushes aside pointless objections and d i scussions. H owever, the dictionary meani ng of ' plow ' also i n c ludes 'to p roceed steadi­ ly and laboriously, ' and w i t h t h i s meaning the description can be convention­ ally app lied to the target , and would no longer be considered metaphorical . statement as an example of metaphor.

For B uiiuel, their perpetual acti vity i s often m i n d le s s and without di rection . " [ H i ggin­ bot h am 1 9 7 9 , p . 1 72 . ] C r i t i c John Si mon , on the other h a n d , consi ders the sequence quit e trite, if not mean i ngless : " [T]he t h ree or fou r recu rren ces of t h e shot wi t h i n crem ent a l variations tel l us n o more than t h a t our b o u rgeo i se sextet is trudging down the r oad of l i fe with a d i ffe re n t expression on each face. " [Simon 1 9 78, p. 366 .

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