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By Heinz Tschätsch

This booklet offers an important metal-working and shearing techniques, machines and tooling in a concise shape with plentiful illustrations, tables and circulation charts. conscientiously translated from the 8th German variation, steel Forming education deals necessary reference for college kids, engineers and technicians.

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What has gone wrong if internal surface cracks appear during backward extrusion? 8. What is a sequence of operations diagram and what is it used for? 9. What kind of workpieces are produced using backward extrusion and what with forward extrusion? 10. What method must be used to produce a round-headed bolt? 11. What manufacturing process is used to produce a toothpaste tube? Sketch the sequence of operations diagram. 12. Why is a pillar guide needed in extrusion tooling?

15. The stock diameter must be selected so that initial calculations result in an upsetting ratio of s = 2. The calculated diameter, d0, must be rounded up to the nearest mm. The calculated stock length, h0, must also be rounded up to the nearest mm. 15. Create the sequence of operations diagram. Solution: 1. 1. 2. Volume of both shanks V1 + V2 = S 4 (302 · 35 + 202 · 25) = 24 740 + 7854. 3. Total volume Vtot= VHD + V1 + V2 = 96211 mm3 2. 34 mm ʌ˜2 d0 = 35 mm ‡ selected . 3. 99 mm , 352 ʌ/4 mm 2 h0 = 100 mm selected .

Mp = ln 7. kstr0 = 8. 7 ˜ 103 kN N/ mm 2 32 9. 7 ˜ 106 106 = Conversion factor of N mm into kN m. 11 Exercise on Chapter 4 1. What is upset forging used for most commonly? 2. What is the measure of the extent of a deformation? 3. How can you find information on the permissible deformation values ? 4. How can you use deformability to check the number of operations required to produce an upset part? 5. What else must be taken into account apart from deformability? 6. What happens if the permissible upsetting ratio is exceeded?

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