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By Nikolai Gogol

With a brand new topic and scriptural index, in addition to a brief summary on Nikolai Gogol as a non secular character, this reedited remark at the Divine Liturgy—the basic public worship provider of the Orthodox Church—is as useful because it is mystical. Gogol, essentially the most well-liked Russian writers of the nineteenth century, attracts from the early Church Fathers and his personal event to provide an explanation for the chic secret of the Orthodox divine providers. In doing so, he additionally presents a desirable check out his personal non secular personality and profound liturgical spirituality.

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Uniting himself with the prophet, he accompanies each ritual act with the words of the Prophet Isaiah, who foresaw out of ages of darkness the wondrous Birth, Sacrifice, and Death and proclaimed it with unbelievable clarity. The priest thrusts the spear into the right side of the seal and says: He is led as a sheep to the slaughter. Isa 53:7 (DLJC p. 23) And then thrusting it into the left side he says: And as a blameless lamb before his shearer is dumb, so He openeth not his mouth. Isa 53:7 (DLJC p.

The deacon, pointing with the orarion towards the holy doors, says: Bless, master, the holy entrance. (DLJC p. 81) Blessed is the entry of Thy saints, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages, (DLJC p. 81) exclaims the priest. After giving him the Holy Gospel to kiss, the deacon carries it into the altar, but stops in the holy doors and, raising it in his hands, exclaims: Wisdom (DLJC p. 81), indicating by this the wisdom proclaimed to the world through the Gospel. Then he says: Stand aright (DLJC p.

The opening of these higher doors immediately after the song of the angels indicates that the birth of Christ was not revealed to all but known only to the angels in heaven, to Mary and Joseph, to the Wise Men who came to worship Him, and in the distant past to the prophets who foresaw it. Priest and deacon say softly: O Lord, Thou shalt open my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise. (DLJC p. 53) The priest kisses the Book of the Gospels, while the deacon kisses the holy table and gives the sign for the Liturgy to begin: holding his orarion with three fingers of his right hand, he says: It is time to act for the Lord.

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