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By Julius Evola

Evola articulates the shut dating among the actual rigors of climbing and the ascent of the begin towards self-transcendence.
Julius Evola, a number one exponent of esoteric idea, was once additionally an ardent mountain climber who in my view scaled the peaks of the Tyrols, Alps, and Dolomites. For Evola the actual conquest of a mountain, with all of the braveness, self-transcendence and psychological lucidity that it includes, turns into an inseparable and complementary a part of non secular awakening. it really is no accident that many historic cultures selected mountains because the abodes in their gods and regarded the rigorous ascent of peaks because the job of heroes and initiates. nowa days, which are inclined to suffocate the heroic with bare self curiosity, the mountain nonetheless types a part of the profound measurement of spirit the place the soul unearths inside itself greater than what it notion itself to be. In Meditations at the Peaks, Evola combines reminiscences of his personal reviews with reflections on different inspirational women and men who shared his view of the transcendent greatness of mountains.

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She came to learn of other cases, both through personal experience and through word of mouth. The universally recognized seriousness of this writer and traveler demands that we believe that these are not made up stories or the fruits of her imagination. " Nons (ONURNING PSYCHI( TRAINING IN TM[ MOUNTAINS By mentioning this episode in this context, I am certainly not urging people to become Tibetan yogis and to devote themselves to practices of extraordinary psychic development All things considered, these practices are not really suited for the mentality and physical constitution of a modem Western person; on the other hand, I do not mention this episode merely out of curiosity.

Resia, bathed in the sunset, looks like an abandoned town on the eve of a great cataclysm, or like a town evacuated under the threat of a mysterious scourge. There are no signs of life; it is truly a desolate sight. Once in a while, gusts of snow and pieces of ice fly from the roofs of the houses into 74 OF lU[ WIND the sky. We proceed with almost an attitude of a military patrol scouting an area. Suddenly we see the main group of houses and the church; farther ahead we see lighted windows under a hotel sign.

Seven hours have gone by. It is time to go back. I travel again on the ledge, but during the descent the rocks become increasingly steep and the grips less reliable. From the vaporous and phantasmagoric appearance of the rock forms and pinnacles that by now have been reached by the fog, I move into a colorless, dim, and treacherously humid atmosphere that hides everything from sight. I proceed slowly, but to no avail; there is a chance I may get lost. I put on my snow jacket and eat something; crouching in a ravine, I wait.

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