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By Wendy Anderson, Ellen Bramwell, Carole Hough

This quantity bargains an empirical and diachronic research of the principles and nature of metaphor in English. Metaphor is likely one of the sizzling themes in present-day linguistics, with a tremendous variety of analysis concentrating on the systematic connections among diverse suggestions corresponding to warmth and anger (fuming, inflamed), sight and figuring out (clear, see), or our bodies and panorama (hill-foot, river-mouth). until eventually lately, the inability of a finished info resource made it tricky to acquire an outline of this phenomenon in any language, yet this replaced with the of entirety in 2009 of The old word list of English, the single ancient glossary ever produced for any language. Chapters during this quantity use this exact source as a foundation for case reviews of semantic domain names together with Animals, color, demise, worry, meals, examining, and robbery, supplying an important breakthrough within the data-driven knowing of metaphor.

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A conceptual link based on the close connection between the body and clothes is readily explicable. The further link with ‘Textiles’ evidenced by the Mapping Metaphor data may be motivated by the prototypical role of textiles as clothing material. It may be significant that links with ‘Clothing’ are found first in the data, followed at a later date by links with ‘Textiles’. I suggest that both represent extensions of the LANDSCAPE IS A BODY metaphor, which is thus even more deeply embedded than previously thought.

Although the metaphor is instantiated by (mainly) weak links spread across several categories, these cumulatively make a strong case. ‘Landscape, high and low land’ is the source category for twelve links out of the sixteen, but the target for links with D ‘Humility’, D ‘Courage’, A ‘Social position’, and D ‘Command and control’. There is also evidence of bidirectionality in O ‘Behaviour and conduct’, where austere is applied to character from the late fourteenth century and to terrain from the late seventeenth.

Leads to a further link with reduction in quantity, reflected in metaphorical overlap with ‘Decrease in quantity’. However, the negative associations of decline, descent, and so on are not balanced by correspondingly positive associations for terms overlapping with ‘Increase in quantity’. ].  The financial demands made upon under-writing members have been very much steepened of recent years. More neutral is the use of mountain, the prototypical term for a large landscape feature, to represent greatness of quantity.

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