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By Josephine Tey

Inspector Alan provide searches for the identification of a guy killed within the line ata theater and for the id of the killer--whom not anyone observed.

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Your throat must be very dry. Come and have a cup of tea in my room with me. My maid is there and she will make us some. We are packing up, you know. " She led the way to her dressing-room, a place that was walled half with mirrors and half with wardrobes, and that looked more like a florist's shop than any apartment designed for human habitation. She indicated the flowers with a wave of her hand. "My flat won't hold any more, so these have to stay here. The hospitals were very polite, but they said quite firmly that they had had as much as they could do with.

An Englishman was obsessed with the desire to hit. The manner of the hitting did not habitually concern him. That made Grant think of motive, and he considered the more obvious ones: theft, revenge, jealousy, fear. The first was ruled out; the man's pockets could have been picked half a dozen times by an expert practitioner in such a crowd, without any more violence than a fly bestows in alighting. Revenge or jealousy? Most probably—Levantines were notoriously vulnerable in their feelings; an insult rankled for a lifetime, a straying smile on the part of their adored, and they ran amok.

He sent for Williams. " he asked. "No, sir," said Williams; "but Barber will know. " "All right, go and find out. " When Barber came—a tall, slow man with a sleepy and misleading smile—he repeated his question. " Barber said. " "Oh? " "I see. " Barber did. An hour later, Danny, who was performing a leisurely and painstaking toilet in the room in Amber Street, was informed that Inspector Grant would be very much obliged if he would have a short talk with him at the Yard. Danny's pale grey, wary eyes surveyed the plain-clothes man who had brought the message.

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