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I wanted to chain myself to my bed in hopes I wouldn’t do anything else weird or mortifying. But I also needed the money. ” “You got it,” he said. His tone, cautious and high-pitched, assured me of an upcoming drug test. Dad reached out to snatch the phone as soon as I ended the conversation. “Make sure you have Rob print your schedule. ” He didn’t notice me wiggle the fingers I cut in front of my face. ” *** The Tuesday crowd at Romano’s was thin, consisting of old people who came in every weekday.

My cell phone vibrated against my hip as I stepped into my bedroom. It was Sophie. " she asked. Dad would be at the hospital for another five hours. No point in having a one-person family fun night, right? “Yeah, give me thirty,” I said. "Bring alcohol," she slurred. As if she needed to mix liquor with whatever her pill-of-choice was for the night. Still, I stuffed the bottle in my bag. Would Cam remember whether or not he drank the whole thing? Negative. Dad would go crazy if he knew Cam was drinking again, so my brother shouldn’t mind if I took the evidence.

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