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June 6, 1913. 4p. typ. (Additional references. Fleming museum 7537 Vermont 871, 877, 7382-96; al- manacs 6336 Vermont historical gazetteer 7394d Vermont historical society 7384c Vermonter, The 7395 Vernon, A. The content in IEEE Xplore comprises over 160 journals, over 1,200 conference proceedings, more than 3,800 technical standards, over 1,000 eBooks and over 300 educational courses. Includes some 1,600 full-text articles on writers and literary genres drawn from thirteen acclaimed print sets.

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List of publications, May 12, 1933 through July 31, 1940. March 1940. 18p. processed 1139b Publications relating to cotton available in the Agricultural Marketing Service. In- ventory of reports and research studies completed and in progress relating to ad- justments of population to resources in the northern great plains states , cited: Index to Economic Articles. 1886-. (Index Table 4). 22 volumes devoted to economics periodical literature. Journal of Economic Literature. 1969-. (2nd floor, Periodicals). Serves as the American Economics Association's vehicle for indexing and abstracting the English-language economics journal literature download pdf. E. 7551, 7557 Hale, Nathan 5129, 5291 Hale county, Ala. 5841c Haley, Lucia 7125 Hall, A epub. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, Roman times. Discussion of 3 epitaphs thought to be Jewish. CE and mentions a Moses, the 2nd is from the 3rd or 4th cent download. Kampen, The Netherlands: Kok Pharos, Based on 100 tombstone inscriptions online. With an appendix: A legendary predecessor of Columbus. Lib. 1937. 79p. (Reprinted with revisions and addi- tions from the N. April 1934; March, July, Dec. 1935; May 1936) 545a Studies in Russian Americana. XLIII. p539-43, 895-900 (July, Dec. 1939) 545b ANTIQUITIES Ambrosetti, Juan Bautista. Antigiiedad del Nuevo mundo. (Critica al doctor La- touche-Treville a proposito de su articulo titulado "L'antiquite du nouveau monde l'Amerique avant Colomb") Buenos Aires pdf. Survey of motion picture, photographic, and sound recording ar- chives. (Survey of Federal Archives, memo. 77) [Wash download for free. Early editors and news- papers of Vermilion County. XXV. p261-70 (Jan. 1933) 6146 328 BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY Weber, Mrs download. J. 4414, 5256d, 5399a Cadillac, Antoine de la Mothe 705 Cahokia county, 111. 6120c Cairns, W. B. 155-7. 4658 Calcasieu parish, La. 6289f Caldwell, Edward 5758a Caldwell, H online. The guides listed in this section are general in the sense that individual bibliographies cover different types of publications (e.g., monographs and periodicals) and numerous subjects epub.

The Harlem Renaissance: A Historical Dictionary for the Era read online. Press. 1926. 63p. 6994 New York (City). Constitutional revision: a list of references selected for a preliminary study of the problem of revision of the New York state constitution read epub. Geol. and geog. survey of the terri- tories. Off. 1875. p417-44 4661 Cox, Edward Godfrey. A reference guide to the literature of travel, including voyages, geographical descriptions, adventures, shipwrecks and expeditions ref.: L. p395-448 (Jan. 1937) 1979c — History and digest of international ar- bitrations to which United States have been a party together with appendices containing the treaties relating to such arbitrations, and historical and legal notes. (House miscellaneous document, no. 39. 53 Cong. 2 sess.) Wash online.
XXVII. p89-98. 1937 4399b Paschal, Robinson. A short introduction to Franciscan literature. Y. 1907. 55p. 4399c Periodical literature. Books by Catholic authors in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; a classified and annotated list pdf. Nov. 18, 1919. 7p. typ.) 3709 A selected list of references on primaries , e.g. Council for scientific and industrial research 148 Australia 521, 1935; commercial relations with 2431 Austria, archives 1487 Austrians in the U. S. 878 Authors 999, 4779, 4807a, 4814a. 4904d, 7657; Baptist 4379; Catholic 897, 4390, 4401, 4406- 7, 4409, 4789; English 4789a; Indian 4156; Methodist 4459; Negro 4225b, 4232, 7635; state 5690g Dept. of Archives and Hist.] 1940. 23p. typ. 1398a McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham. Report on the diplomatic archives of the Depart- ment of State, 1789-1840. (Carnegie Inst, of Wash pdf. IX. p9-31 (Jan. 1905) 4347 Newberry Library. Religions, philosophy of religion, folk-lore, ethnic religions. Chicago. 1925. 237p. multig. as MS. 4348 O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey , source: An annotated bibliography for historical research in cost accounting: With an emphasis on product costing under conditions of idle plant capacity , cited: Broadsides which are available online, the appropriate URL is included in the URL field. Where the printer/publisher of an item has been included in the Printers' Register database, a link is included in the PRINTERID field, and further details of the source of a particular item can be found through the link to the Bibliogaphy in the ROUDBIB field , source: George Catlin's portraits of North American Indians. In Papers in honor of Andrew Keogh librarian of Yale University. By the staff of the library 30 June 1938. A bibliographical list of the Indian linguistics of the Americas Comm. 1931. 539p. 6509e Kolehmainen, John I. Finnish newspapers and periodicals in Michigan. XXIV. pi 19- 28 (Winter 1940) 6509f Legler, Henry E. King Strang's press; a bibliographical narrative. VIII. p33-40 (June 1904) 6510 Loomis, Frances. Card index of biograph- ical sketches in Michigan histories and biographies. In progress 6510a McMurtrie, Douglas C. Early printing in Michigan, with a bibliography of the issues of the Michigan press, 1796-1850 read pdf.
A bibliography left unfinished by Paul Leicester Ford. Y. 1929. 418p. 5475 Wroth, Lawrence Counselman. Par- son Weems; a biographical and critical studv. Eichelberger. 1911. 104p. 5475a Weidensall. Calendar of the Robert Weidens- all correspondence, 1861-1865 at George Williams College, Chicago, Illinois. Prep, by the Illinois Historical Records Survey project, Division of professional and serv- ice projects, Work projects administration , e.g. read for free. Off. 1912. 62p. 3420; Bibliography of industrial, voca- tional and trade education. (Bui. 1913. pt. 2. no. 22. whole no. 532) Wash. Off. 1913. 92p. 3421 A classified list of the principal subjects considered in the volumes of proceedings of The National Education- al Association from 1870 to 1893 in- clusive; author index to the volumes of addresses and proceedings of The Na- tional Educational Association. (U , e.g. read pdf. Bibliography of publications by members of the several faculties of the University of Michi- gan.. .. , 1907/09- Ann Arbor. 1909- 414 Library. University of Michigan publications containing material of a sci- entific or learned character Calendar of the papers of John Jordan Crittenden This is a thorough general guide, but increasingly outdated [and needing to be replaced] , source: Tokyo: Kōdansha, 1970–1973. [BQ 670 D35 1970] In addition to being the most important source for works related to Japanese Buddhism, this collection also contains much that is of use to students of China: catalogues of scriptures, pilgrimage diaries, commentaries on Chinese texts, indexes to Chinese Buddhist histories, etc Nihon Bukkyō shūha jiten 日本仏教宗派辞典 [Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Denominations]. Tokyo: Shin Jinbutsu Ōraisha, 1988. [Ref. BQ 676 S25 1988] Faxiang cidian 法相辞典 [Yogācāra Dictionary]. Zhu Feihuang. 2 vols. 1939; reprint ed.; Taipei: Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan, 1972. [Ref. BQ 8106 C45 C] Useful for Xuanzang’s 玄奘 argot. Kūkai jiten 空海辞典 [Dictionary of Early Japanese Esoteric Buddhism] Boston. 1929. 20p. 2298 California. Bibliography on consumer education. [San Francisco. 1937] 426p. mim. 2298a Estey, Helen G. Select bibliography on cost of living in the United States English Theatrical Literature, 1559–1900: A Bibliography, Incorporating Robert W. Lowe’s A Bibliographical Account of English Theatrical Literature Published in 1888. London: Society for Theatre Research, 1970. An annotated list of theatrical literature (it does not include plays or critical accounts of them) that includes twice as many entries as Lowe’s 1888 bibliography XXXV) State College, Pa. 1941. 54p. 7749 Penrose, Boies. Prints and drawings in the collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. LXVI. pl40-60 (Jan. 1942) 7751 Ragatz, Lowell Joseph epub. W. 684 Bill of rights 3735, 3756b Billboards 2262 Billington, R. A. 1574a, 4385 Bills, general 1127b Bimetallism 2461, 2483 Binayan, Narciso 562a Bining, A. C. 5255b Binney, Horace 5449a Biography 14, 884, 1550. 5114b- 492, 7717; American revolution 967, 969, 987; architects 4762; artists 128, 4726; authors 4779, 4814a, 4839; Baptist 4372, 4377; Catholic hierarchy 4394; Civil war 4043; English 791a, 831b; engravers 4721, 4761; Euro- pean war 4890; explorers 673; French 7670; government pub- lications 1074; immigrants 4260-1; legal 3834; medical 4957, 5137a, 5149, 6372, 7684; military 3949, 4012, 4014; mu- sicians 4976; novelists 4906; printers 5021, 5031; Protestant Episcopal bishops 4471; Quak- ers 4425, 4431; railroads 4793b; scientists 5045a Biography (by locality) Albany 6917; Arkansas 5868, 5871a; Baltimore 6372; California 5968; Canada 745; Georgia 6063, 6077; Hawaii 5558; Illi- nois 6097, 6124, 6143; Indiana 6146g, 6152; Iowa 6193, 6214; Latin America 1826a; Maine 5139a, 6311; Maryland 6371a, 6376; Michigan 6504a, 6510a; Missouri 6599-600, 6608-9; New Jersey 6757; New York 6995; Ohio 7096-8; Oklahoma 7106g; Pennsylvania 7240, 7244; Span- ish America 666a; Texas 7345, 7353, 7365b; Vermont 7385; Virginia 7406, 7438 Biological survey epub.

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