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For the student frightened to have his introductory fabric on hand for painless, highbrow intake, via speedy pedagogical transmission, there might be little doubt that Ecclesiastes is likely one of the so much teasing, even exasperating, books of the Hebrew Bible. Successive generations of commentators have didn't achieve that elusive consensus approximately almost any element of the booklet, and people courageous adequate to release the stuffed shop of inventive scholarship gathered through the years usually are crushed through the welter of perspectives with the intention to come sallying forth. the variety of opinion is large and complicated, beginning out with the normal attribution to an previous and cynical Solomon within the 10th century-B.C., and attaining the other severe with H. Graetz’s declare that the booklet displays the stipulations of the Herodian interval and is to be dated on the finish of the 1st pre-Christian century. The highbrow stimulus for Qoheleth’s philosophy has been variously traced to Babylon, Egypt and Greece, whereas a few have even hazarded the view that what's the following recorded is none except real Hebrew idea. As to the language of the publication, its presence within the Hebrew Bible has confident few linguists that it truly is adequate to assert that it's written in past due Biblical Hebrew. Dialectical similarities were sought in Phoenician, Aramaic and Mishnaic Hebrew, an Indo-German resource has been prompt, and the speculation has been complex, and vigorously mentioned and defended, that the textual content is a translation of an Aramaic unique. A comment made in reference to this linguistic controversy via a kind of at its centre, Professor Mitchell Dahood, serves as an invaluable precis of the placement concerning the entire difficulties raised via what Elias Bickerman has outlined as one of many “four unusual books of the Bible”: “The dialogue fortunately exhibits no signal of abating” (Biblica forty three [1962], p. 349). it truly is opposed to this type of vibrant and complicated backdrop that this new booklet on Ecclesiastes makes its visual appeal.

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That the root 0*757 may have this meaning may be seen from more than one biblical text. In Koh 12u it is used of "the hidden" (0*757]) works which God will judge. In Job 28ai it is applied to wisdom being "hidden" 13 11 15 16 17 1β 19 20 21 22 23 S4 25 26 Das Buch des Predigers Salomo 168-172. Der Prediger 116 and cf. also 134f. ZAW 65 (1953), 22-27. , and cf. also his article in ZThK 58 (1961), 1-15. Hengel, Judentum und Hellenismus, 1973 2 , 221. So Schmid, Wesen und Geschichte der Weisheit, 1966, 192, also renders as "Zeitablauf".

100. Kennicott, Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum; Cum Variis Lectionibus II, 552. Whitley, Koheleth 3 An Examination of the Language of Koheleth 34 0 T N 2 aitt). A c c o r d i n g l y D r i v e r w o u l d e x p l a i n t h e M T as a m i s r e a d i n g o f D3 w h i c h w a s a n early a b b r e v i a t i o n f o r D"TN3 3 4 . 3 1 2 aiti nUM^I. T h e c o n t e x t s u g g e s t s t h a t t h e m e a n i n g h e r e is t h a t o f experiencing a sense o f well-being o r success. S o m e scholars accordi n g l y r e g a r d it as t h e e q u i v a l e n t o f t h e G r e e k ευ π ρ ά τ τ ε ιν 3 6 .

T h u s B a r t o n , S c o t t , L o r e t z , S t r o b e l a n d B r a u n r e a d Dir 31 35 3e 37 38 39 10 41 Textus 4 (1964), 80. E . g . Wildeboer, Der Prediger, 1898, 134; Hertzberg op. cit. 100; Ranston who connects the Hebrew phrase with Theognis, Ecclesiastes and the Early Greek Wisdom Literature, 1925, 44. Barton, The Book of Ecclesiastes, 3 2 ; Gordis op. cit. 222. Cf. g. Herodotus I24. 42; Plato, Alcibiades liieb. Loc. cit. 40. Loc. cit. 3 3 - 3 4 . See Jastrow I 609 b. E . g . Gordis op.

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