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By Day, Cyrus Lawrence; Jarman, Colin

«Knots and Splices» is the bestselling really pocket-sized publication on rope and twine paintings, splices, and all kinds of knots, and has been regularly in print for nearly 50 years. It has turn into the elemental guide exhibiting tips to tie the main beneficial and critical knots, bends and splices and has offered all over the world to sailors, campers, scouts, climbers, fishermen and outside humans. each one ordinary rationalization of the way to accomplish the knot or splice is observed by means of transparent color images of every degree, making studying effortless.

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0 1/21/06 11:04 Page 43 8 END OR STOPPER KNOTS 55a 55b 55c 55 DOUBLE FIGURE OF EIGHT The Double Figure of Eight is a Figure of Eight Knot (4) with an extra twist put in. Begin as if to form a Figure of Eight (55a), but instead of passing the end straight down through the lower loop, instead pass it behind and up 56a through the loop (55b). Then settle the knot down as shown in 55c. This knot is just as simple as the ordinary Figure of Eight but has greater bulk to stop a line running out through a block or eye.

58 DOUBLE WALL KNOT The Double Wall Knot is a bulkier knot than its single version (57) but is no harder to form. Put a tape whipping round the rope, unlay the three strands to that point and tape their ends. Tuck each strand up under its neighbour in the same direction as the lay and then repeat, so that the pattern is doubled. Work the knot tight, re-lay the strands together and whip the end for a neat finish (58). 0 1/21/06 11:04 Page 45 59 MANROPE KNOT 59a The Manrope Knot or Double Wall and Crown Knot makes use of both the Double Wall Knot (58) and the Crown Knot (56) – just as the name suggests – to form a large stopper knot that used to be used in the end of a rope provided to help you haul yourself aboard.

The two hitches are put on in the same direction (38a) so that, when worked tight, they form a Clove Hitch (41) about the standing part (38b). 0 1/21/06 11:03 Page 30 39a 40a 39b 40b 39 ROUND TURN AND TWO HALF HITCHES The Round Turn and Two Half Hitches is clearly similar to 38, but with the significant difference that an initial full turn is taken (39a) before applying the two Half Hitches to form the complete knot (39b). The initial round turn gives a surprising degree of extra security to the hitch and makes it widely useful as well as very practical on board boats.

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