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By Patricia Pierce

Mary Anning (1799-1847) was once one of many pioneers of the rising technology of geology - the 1st girl palaeontologist to make vital discoveries. After her loss of life, a lot of her discoveries have been credited to the naturalists who had introduced her specimens. This booklet finds the little-known lifetime of this outstanding lady from undeserved obscurity.

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He described it as ‘a mole [a massive breakwater of stone] built into the sea about two furlongs [¼mile] from the town . . There is not any one like it in the world: for . . ’ If foundation stones were required, ‘they searched them out upon the coast’, finding the largest ones, and ‘mounting them upon casks chained together with but one man mounted upon them, [who] with the help of a pole, conducts it to the place where it is to lie’. An iron restraining pin was struck out, the casks floated away and the stone fell into place.

He recounted his concept that ‘the past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now’. These deductions were based on his experience on the land as a farmer on the Borders, years of intensive investigation, as well as extraordinarily detailed research and the collection of specimens. As the eighteenth, then nineteenth, centuries progressed, industrialisation took hold, slowly at first, but as the population expanded, the need for transport of goods and people grew rapidly.

However, when the diarist Fanny Burney visited Lyme briefly in August 1791 on a recuperative break, it was not to her taste; she found it ‘dirty and fishy’ and left quickly. And there was a limit to just how picturesque the view could be. In one Dorset village, the ‘grandmother of a baronet’ dreamily gazed out of her seaside window to see the unpleasing sight of a carcass of a horse strung up by one leg to the mast of a boat and flayed. 50 The locals were edged towards adapting their ways to make themselves more acceptable to the paying visitors.

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