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Ham. If thou dost marry, Ile giue thee This plague to thy dowry: Be thou as chaste as yce, as pure as snowe, Thou shalt not scape calumny, to a Nunnery goe. Ofel. Alas, what change is this? Ham. But if thou wilt needes marry, marry a foole, 26 Performance and authority For wisemen know well enough, What monsters you make of them, to a Nunnery goe. Ofel. Pray God restore him. Ham. Nay, I haue heard of your paintings too, God hath giuen you one face, And you make your selues another, You fig, and you amble, and you nickname Gods creatures, Making your wantonnesse, your ignorance, A pox, t’is scuruy, Ile no more of it, It hath made me madde: Ile no more marriages, All that are married but one, shall liue.

At this point, Shakespearean textual scholarship is finally faced with some of the questions that have inspired the work of editorial practitioners and theoreticians like Jerome J. ’ Incontestably, the refusal to take for granted auctorial presence and desire as a donne´e of editorial responsibility has helped pave the way for a cautious sense of alignment between textual scholarship and theatre history. Thanks to a veritable phalanx of editors, textual scholars and critics like David Scott Kastan, Scott McMillin, Laurie Maguire, Stephen Orgel, Gary Taylor, Paul Werstine, and others, the agenda of authority in the Elizabethan playtext has immeasurably been broadened as well as complicated.

28; 54]). Instead, his entrance precedes their withdrawal. There results a simultaneity in the staging of the scene that works in so far as, in view of the continuing presence of four major characters on stage, the appearance and stage representation of Performance and authority 21 Hamlet is not automatically integrated into the scene at large. If anything, Hamlet’s entrance provides, as it were, a cue for the unhurried subsequent withdrawal of the others. It is as if there is no need for him, as yet, to honor an iconic frame of reference marked by represented characters such as Corambis or the Queen.

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