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Best police procedurals books

Crime School (Kathleen Mallory, Book 6)

2010 Retail ePub

Police Detective Kathleen Mallory well-known the crime scene: sufferer placing, hair in mouth, hearth burning. It occurred twenty-one years in the past, whilst Mallory was once a toddler. She additionally well-known the sufferer. ..

The Black Marble

Russian-American detective A. A. Valnikov is a burned-out murder detective who will get teamed with Natalie Zimmerman, twice-divorced with a grudge opposed to males. those not likely companions are assigned the unusual case of a stolen express puppy being held for ransom. during this bittersweet story that the la instances referred to as “terrifying and romantic,” the companions will locate even more than they ever may have imagined.

The Consorts of Death

Whilst detective Varg Veum takes a mobile name in his workplace, his brain is without warning ward off 25 years, to his days as a baby security officer and the case of a small boy who used to be separated from his mom lower than tragic situations. This related boy has surfaced in numerous different cases-in reference to a unexpected dying in his new foster domestic and, a decade later, in a dramatic double homicide in Sunnfjord.

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