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Investigating Media Discourse explores spoken interactions within the media, drawing on modern resources from the English talking international together with chat exhibits, radio phone-ins and political interviews with leaders reminiscent of Tony Blair and George W.Bush. the most theoretical framework utilized in this paintings is encouraged through Goffman, the place each one media stumble upon is considered as a three-way participation framework concerning the broadcaster, interviewee and viewers, all of whom form the interplay. The spoken media interactions are analysed from this perspective to demonstrate how they're controlled, how pseudo-relationships are validated and maintained and the way ‘others’ are created. O’Keefe brings jointly methodologies of discourse research, dialog research and corpus linguistics permitting the media extracts to be explored from assorted views when supplying a number of insights. Investigating Media Discourse will attract scholars and researchers of utilized linguistics, english language and media. Anne O’Keeffe is Lecturer in utilized Linguistics on the division of English Language and Literature, Mary Immaculate collage, collage of Limerick, eire.

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The notion of a participation framework was put forward to accommodate the communicative event of media interactions. We will apply this model in the coming chapters and it will help us in chapter 4 to explain how media interactions are managed within this framework. We will explore different alignments that can be taken up within it and how these manifest in terms of language use. The institutional role and responsibilities that come with the power-holder, the presenter or host, in the participation framework will also be discussed such as the presenter’s responsibility to keep the ratified hearers within the common ground of shared knowledge and the effect this has on speaker–hearer alignments and on how the interactions are structured (for example, presenters usually align with the audience as opposed to the interviewee at the start and end of an interview).

Before we set about looking empirically at media interactions within the participation frameworks model, we will in the next chapter survey the prevailing research models that have been used in the study of media discourse such as conversation analysis, discourse analysis and pragmatics and suggest that corpus linguistics also has a role to play. We will overview the instruments of corpusbased analysis such as concordancing and cluster analysis and employ these along with other methods in a sample analysis.

To show mock-surprise (see chapters 3 and 4 for more on openings). 3 Presenter: Caller: Presenter: Caller: Presenter: Caller: Northampton. Hello. Yes. Um, well something really exciting just happened to me. Oooooh! I know. Um, I’m a student and I rang a friend’s house but he A framework for analysing media discourse 27 wasn’t in and one of his housemates answered. And we just like had this hour long conversation. I mean, I don’t know who he is, what he looks like or anything. But erm . . and it’s just really exciting.

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