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By Victor Klemperer

Destined to take its position along The Diary of Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel's evening as one of many nice classics of the Holocaust, i'm going to undergo Witness is a undying paintings of literature, the main eloquent and acute testomony to have emerged from Hitler's Germany. quantity starts in 1942, the 12 months the ultimate resolution used to be officially proposed, and consists of us via to the Allied bombing of Dresden and Germany's defeat.

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1914, the army's thirst for a "preventative war" had gathered wide- spread support, and control of foreign policy had quietly passed to the general staff. After the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand at Sarajevo touched the match to the final crisis, Germany found itself in a race. When the Russians announced their decision to mobilize on July 29 and the French followed suit on August 1, the pressure on the kaiser intensified. If he failed to mobilize, the Schlieffen plan would be imperiled.

But at this critical point the offensive ground to a standstill. German losses had been heavy, supply lines were stretched peril- ously thin, and discipline began to give way as doned the hungry soldiers aban- fight to pillage captured supply depots. The Allies rallied, and in mid-July they struck back. Continuing the westward drive, a German column marches across the old battlefield of the Somme, a region in northern France that had been devastated when the German army withdrew the previous year.

Each kingdom placed its arms on the helmets, and oldregiments added battle honors and devices recalling heroics of long ago. Bright facings of regimenroyal line tal colors and lace decorated the —foreshad- uniforms; then, in 1910 owing the depersonalized war to come the army issued a less visible combat uniform in dull field — gray (see following pages). A cord attached to a 13th Uhlan Regiment lancer's cap kept him from losing it while mounted. The helmet plate bears battle honors of die Napoleonic Wars, including Waterloo.

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