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By Herbert W. Meyer

It's the function of this e-book to aim to offer to the reader, who has arrived upon the area scene in the middle of a systematic explosion, a feeling of viewpoint and course. The notice explosion because it is used this is no longer entirety exact since it implies a surprising, violent, and instant occasion. Ttre burgeoning of technological know-how resembles extra approximately the propagation of a brand new grain from a number of seeds, to a couple bushets, and eventually to a big harvest.

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However, Dee could not be counted a commttted Protestant either. He showed a certain partiality for Catholic rites in later life, and was comfortable among Catholic activists, such as Sir George Peckham, whom Dee advised on setting up a Catholic colony in the New World. Such mixed messages left many of those who met him wondering where his loyalties lay. "13 In fact, Dee was a deeply committed Christian. His diaries are filled with heartfelt expressions of piety, including accounts of lengthy sessions of anguished prayer and supplication conduc�ed in his private chapel.

On 5 June, Dee, together with his codefendants Cary, Benger, and Field, was ordered to be brought before Secretary of State Sir John Bourne, Francis Englefeld, Sir Richard Read, and Dr. Thomas Hughes to be examined on his "lewd and vain practises of calculing and conjuring. " The tribunal was made up of Mary's most 10Xai supporters, sug­ gesting that there was a strongly political motive behind Dee's arrest. 9 Sir John Bourne was famous as "an especial stirrer up in such cases," having "marv�llously tossed and examined" one of the leaders of Wyatt's Rebellion.

There is not a single cru­ cifix now remaining in the other churches. "22 The impulses of the Reformists were not, however, purely de­ structive. A progressive academic mood, receptive to the sorts of ideas Dee had encountered in Louvai n, swept through court, pro­ moted by Dee's former Cambridge associates Roger Ascham, now Edward's Latin secretary, and John Cheke, Edward's former tutor and now his close aide. Cheke professed that he did not have a "mathematical head," but showed a "great affection" toward math­ ematicians, Dee evidently among them, as he personally supervised Dee's introduction to the upper reaches of the new Edwardian court.

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