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Herod the good, king of historical Judea, was once a brutal, ruthless, vindictive and dangerously high-strung tyrant. He had a lot of his matters killed on suspicion of plotting opposed to him and was once accused of slaughtering young ones in Bethlehem whilst expert new king of the Jews have been born there. one of the sufferers of the murderous paranoia that finally drove him to the edge of madness have been his 3 oldest sons and the spouse he enjoyed such a lot. yet there has been a vital element to Herod's personality that has been principally missed over the centuries. Norman Gelb explores how Herod reworked his previously strive-ridden country right into a modernizing, economically thriving, orderly nation of overseas importance and reputation in the sprawling Roman Empire. This reassessment of Herod as ruler of Judaea introduces a notable distinction among a ruler's infamy and his outstanding laudable achievements. As this account exhibits, regardless of his bad failings and supreme psychological unbalance, Herod was once a fascinatingly complicated, dynamic, and mostly confident statesman, a determine of significant public accomplishment and probably the most underrated personalities of precedent days. background buffs and people attracted to renowned historic heritage can are brought to this ruthless tyrant and his sufferers.

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