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By Aho Shemunkasho

Ephrem, the main celebrated author of the Syriac Church, offers quite a lot of theological subject matters and photographs which are attribute of fourth-century Syrian Christianity. an important subject matter that not anyone has but studied in Ephrem, or in the other Syriac author for that subject, is the idea that of disorder and therapeutic. during six chapters, this e-book offers the importance of therapeutic theology and the ways that the therapeutic of guy - spiritually, mentally, and corporally - is extremely valued by way of Ephrem.

After an introductory dialogue at the position of old medication in society with admire to faith, philosophy, and technological know-how, the ebook considers the idea that of therapeutic and therapeutic imagery in 3 chosen Syriac works that predate Ephrem: the Odes of Solomon, the Acts of the Apostle Judas Thomas, and Aphrahat's Demonstrations. this can be via a close presentation of Ephrem's therapeutic terminology, examining using major phrases with regards to affliction and therapeutic, and the way Ephrem's utilization compares with comparable phrases hired within the Bible. The publication then specializes in Ephrem's exegesis of biblical passages that take care of therapeutic, how he comprises Biblical references to therapeutic and affliction in his theological language, and the way he develops and makes use of them in his arguments opposed to heresies and fake interpretations of God's word.

The major a part of the booklet offers with the factors of non secular disorder and the method of therapeutic, and how within which Ephrem locations them within the divine background of salvation. the reason for religious ailment is sin that's the results of the misuse of man's unfastened will and the impression of man's enemy, i.e., devil, the Evil One. Ephrem is familiar with Adam and Eve's expulsion from paradise as a "fall" right into a kingdom of disorder. God offers heavenly drugs for humanity, first via His selected humans, the patriarchs and the prophets, after which via His Son who's the health professional par excellence and the medication of existence that also is found in the Church's sacraments for the trustworthy.

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J. ), Studies in Hellenistic Religions (Leiden 1979), 215-24. 18 8 INTRODUCTION of the ordinary physician for ‘also him God has appointed’ and ‘from God the physician gets his wisdom’ (Ben Sira 38:1-2). In Ben Sira, the physician has an intermediate function; healing can be achieved through faithful prayer and the physician’s skill or wisdom. 23 Ben Sira has not ignored Jewish tradition and biblical faith, that God’s creation is good, and human freedom of choice is able to produce evil, that it is sin which causes illness, and forgiveness brings healing.

The body and soul belong to each other. Chapter 42 speaks of the ‘giver of life to the souls’ ( ‫ܐ‬ ‫ )ܕ ̈ ܐ‬and of ‘the healer of the bodies’ (‫) ܐ ܐ ܕ ܓ ܐ‬. ‫ܘ‬ ‫ܕܐ ܐ ܬܐ ܕܐܬܐ‬ : ‫ܕ ܬܗ ܐܬ‬ ‫ܐ ܕ ̈ܬܐ ܕܐ‬ ‫ܙ܇ ܘ‬ ‫܇‬ ‫ܒ ܒܒܐ‬ ‫ܕ‬ ‫ܘ ܐ ܐ ܕ ܓ ̈ܐ ܐ‬ ‫̇ ܐ ܬܐ ܕܗ ܘ܇ ܐ‬ ‫ܕܚ ܐ‬ ̈ ‫ܐ‬ ‫ܕܗܘܐ‬ 51 ‫ܡ ܕܓ‬ ‫܇ ܕܐ‬ ‫ܕ‬. 52 Unfortunately, it is not clear whether these terms describe the Lord or His servant. The phrases ‘(thou) who art the cause of life to the whole people of India’ might apply to Thomas, for the woman addressed her speech to him.

43 Hempel discusses the role of medicine in the religious culture of old Israel, and he looks at the conflict between demons and man’s will to survive as well. Likewise, Hempel draws attention to Jahwe as the 42 Fichtner, 11-12: ‘So hat sich das Christus-medicus Motiv aus der einen Wurzel der zumeist verdeckten, selten offenen Auseinandersetzung zwischen dem Soter Asklepios und dem Heiland Christus heraus entwickelt und verselbständigt. … Auch in der kynisch-stoischen Philosophie war der Arztvergleich sehr beliebt: so wie der Arzt die Leiden des Körpers heilt, so heilt der Philosoph die Leidenschaft der Seele.

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