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By Amiss, John M.; Jones, Franklin D.; Ryffel, Henry H

Completely up-to-date and revised to mirror the alterations and additions made to the Machinery’s instruction manual, thirtieth Edition, the Machinery’s Handbook Guide enables clients to maximise the big sensible worth of the valuable details within the Handbook.

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In this example, one chord consists of two sections a and b, each 6 inches long; the other intersecting chord consists of one section d, 2 inches long; and the length of section c is to be determined in order to find radius R. Since a × b = c × d, it follows that: a×b 6×6 c = ------------ = ------------ = 18 inches d 2 therefore, c+d 18 + 2 R = ------------ = --------------- = 10 inches 2 2 In this example, one chordal dimension, c + d = the diameter; but, the geometrical principle given in the Handbook applies regardless of the relative lengths of the intersecting chords.

47 = ? 008727ar2 where a = angle in degrees and r = radius of the circle. 25 inches and the central angle is 42° 15′. 5hp/rpm . Find the diameter of shafting necessary to transmit 50 hp at 250 rpm. 18) The horsepower of a steam engine is found from the formula: hp = PLAN/33000, where P =mean effective pressure in pounds per square inch; L =length of stroke in feet; A =area of piston in square inches; N = number of strokes per minute = revolutions per minute × 2. Find the horsepower of a steam engine if the pressure is 120 pounds, stroke 18 inches, piston 10 inches in diameter, and the number of revolutions per minute is 125.

670246. After a little practice with the above table, one becomes familiar with the rules governing the characteristic so that reference to the table is no longer necessary. —The method of using the tables of logarithms to obtain more accurate values than are given directly, by means of interpolation, is explained on Machinery’s Handbook 30 CD, page 3088. 4. The logarithms just given for the dividend and divisor are obtained by interpolation from the log table in the following manner: In the log tables on Machinery’s Handbook 30 CD, page 3093, find the mantissa corresponding to the first three digits of the number 76824, and the mantissa of the next higher 3-digit number in the table, 769.

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