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Life and writings of James Madison [a bibliographical list]. IX) 5984 A list of official publications of Con- necticut, 1774-1788 as shown by the bills for printing. (Acorn Club of Connecti- cut. Bukkyō daijiten 佛教大辭典 [Dictionary of Buddhism]. Includes 1.3 million records for articles and conference proceedings from 1910 to the present. Books - Book reviews and much more literature related features from These describe the important reference materials for a discipline.

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Stonewall Jackson Manual Train- ing and Industrial School. 1941. 12p. 7007d House, Robert B. Preservation of North Carolina's World war records. XIX. p81-8 (Jan. 1920) 7008 — Preserving North Carolina war rec- ords as a state enterprise. XIX. pl09-17 (April 1920) 7009 World war records. Comn. publications, bul. no. 27. pl3-25. 1921 7010 380 BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY Hussey, Mrs , e.g. read pdf. Putnam. 1856. 168p. (Also in Smithsonian contributions to knowledge , e.g. The nationality of each author is noted with the commentary on his or her work and there are bio-bibliographical notes on all the authors at the end of the book. Includes excerpts of works by 45 Maghreb authors, with bio-bibliographical notes on each. Annexes list the names and major works of authors born in the Maghreb, authors who wrote in or about the Maghreb although they were born elsewhere, and authors who traveled in the Maghreb during the 19th and 20th centuries ref.: Wilson. 1931. 329p. o.p. 1029 Briggs, Samuel W. Regulation of inter- state commerce; history of bills and reso- lutions introduced in Congress respect- ing federal regulation of interstate com- merce by railways, etc., from the thirty- seventh Congress to the sixty-second Congress, inclusive, 1862-1913. Off. 1913. 168p. 1030 Carter, Clarence Edwin. The United States and documentary historical publication. (Senate doc. 33, 76th Cong. 1st sess.) Wash read pdf. Editorial notes on the sources of information — The Constitu- tion of the United States. In Narrative and critical history of America. VII. p255- 66 3762 POLITICAL Adams, Frederick Baldwin , cited: Plan effective search strategies and modify search strategies as needed: IV. Recognize and make appropriate use of library services in the research process: V. Understand that some information sources are more authoritative than others and demonstrate critical thinking in the research process: V.1 Know about Internet resources (e.g., electronic discussion lists, Web sites) and how to evaluate them for relevancy and credibility VI , e.g.

In Report on the resurvey of the Mason and Dixon line, part IV. Harrisburg Publishing Co. 1909. p209-403 7129 Bureau of Municipal Research, Philadel- phia. Index of Philadelphia ordinances; an index of the more important ordi- nances and resolutions of City council of Philadelphia, with citations of pertinent city solicitors' opinions and court deci- sions. Philadelphia Bar Associa- tion. 1937. 62p. 7129a Calhoun, Gertrude L March 1925- 4937 Davenport, James Henry. Literary doctors of medicine; a catalogue of the extra- professional writings of physicians and surgeons in the library of James Henry Davenport. Priv. print- ed. 1926. 306p. 4938 Dunbar, Helen Flanders online. II. p448-71 (Sept. 1930) 805 Hall, Edward E. In Narrative and critical history of America. The rise of Puritanism; or, The way to the New Jerusalem as set forth in pulpit and press from Thomas Cartwright to John Lilburne and John Milton, 1570-1643. Checklist or brief catalogue of the library of Henry E. Huntington (English literature to 1640). Comp. under the direction of George Watson Cole
Catalogue of American and foreign books in bibliography and other departments of literature. .. rare works relating to printing, voyages and travels, etc. School, bul. no. 436, Dec. 1, 1908. 35p. 18 Northrup, Clark S. and others. A register of bibliographies of the English language and literature. Press. 1925. 507p. 19 Polk, Prudence McNeal , source: Agriculture of the American Indians; a classified list of annotated historical references with an introduction. Edwards. (Bibliog. contri- butions no. 23) Wash. Sept. 19, 1931. 5p. typ. 4210 List of books on Indians in North America Surgeon general's office Surgeons as authors 4938 Surgery 4946, 4957, 4962 Surplus marketing administra- tion 1373a Surrey, N. M. 1527-8 Survey of federal archives 5716a, 5718c; Alabama 5847b; Arizona 5862a; Arkansas 5879a; California 5957a-b, 7770; Col- orado 5978a; Connecticut 6015c; Delaware 6030a; Flor- ida 6044b; Georgia 6076b Idaho 6084a; Illinois 6143b Indiana 6183a; Iowa 6225a Kansas 6248a; Kentucky 6274c Louisiana 6302a, 7771; Maine 6341a; Maryland 6379c; Massa- chusetts 6411a-e; Michigan 6525d; Minnesota 6549b; Mis- sissippi 6573a-b; Missouri 6617a; Montana 6629a; Ne- braska 6645a; Nevada 6650a; New Hampshire 6704a; New Jersey 6766a; New Mexico 6779c; New York 6825f; North Carolina 7004a, 7033b; North Dakota 7051a; Ohio 7090a; Oklahoma 7107a; Oregon 7124a-b; Pennsylvania 7140d-e; Rhode Island 7291b, 7771; South Carolina 7305a; Texas 7361c; Utah 7379a; Vermont 7393a; Virginia 7423a; Wash- ington 7464c; West Virginia 7473e; Wisconsin 7495f; Wyo- ming 7520a Surveyor general, California 5913a, 5942b, 5959a; New Mex- ico 6780b-c Surveys 7574; California 7659; historical, Pennsylvania 7135; New York 6809a; industrial 2536, 2539, 2685; Tennessee 7321b Sutter's fort 5795 Sutton, R
Designated as an official offsite repository for the U. Library of Congress, PQDT Global offers comprehensive historic and ongoing coverage for North American works and significant and growing international coverage from a multiyear program of expanding partnerships with international universities and national associations This comprehensive collection also features many state papers and government materials, including published reports; presidential letters and state and territorial resolutions. It is based on "American Bibliography, 1801-1819" by Ralph R. Includes full text biographical and literary criticism review articles for both English and non English language authors and selected historians, journalists, and others , cited: Report on the condition of the public records of the state of New Jersey. I. pl65-99 6717 Hasse, Adelaide Rosalie. Index of eco- nomic material in documents of the states of the United States: New Jersey, 1789-1904. (Carnegie Inst, of Washington. C Carnegie Inst, of Wash. 1914. 706p. 6717a Heartman, Charles F ref.: Describe the relationship of each work to the others under consideration XII. p275- 92 (Jan.-March 1938) 6146f Bibliography of Indiana local history con- tained in county histories, atlases and col- lected biographies ref.: March 1936) 5973b McMurtrie, Douglas C. and Allen, Albert H. Early printing in Colorado, with a bibliography of the issues of the press, 1859 to 1876, inclusive, and a record and bibliography of Colorado territorial news- papers Lists manuscript holdings of libraries and archives in North American libraries. Years 1986 - present available online; printed volumes for 1959-1985 also available (Ref Z 6620. Printed volumes include an index in each volume and cumulative indexes every five years. Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada , cited: Littératures francophones d'Asie et du Pacifique: Anthologie. Part of a multi-volume series of anthologies of Francophone literatures, this volume provides a general introduction to French-language literature in Asia and the Pacific, as well as short essays on the Francophone literatures of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, China, Japan, New Caledonia, Polynesia, Vanuatu, and on several French writers' works about southeast Asian and Oceanic cultures , source: Poe’s life and work have been amply treated on screen and stage. Fagin 1949 argues ably for a theatrical Poe. London 1975 is a slight coffee-table book, perhaps intended as a collector’s item. Reilly 1965 delineates the history of dramatic literature based on Poe’s life read pdf. XXI. p589-604 (Sept. 1917) 4990 Lockwood, Albert. Univ. of Michi- gan Press. 1940. 257p. 4990a Macdougall, Hamilton C , cited: The Catalogue of Early American Imprints, 1640-1800 [CD-ROM]. Williamsburg: Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1989. Goethe in the History of Science. 2 vols. [Bibliography, 1776-1949; 1950-1990.] Bern: P. Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History: Publications of 1993. Press for the Royal Historical Society & the Institute of Historical Research, 1994 download online.

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