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It resulted in one special way of fighting, namely by pitching the weak against the strong. According to the Liu Thao, Thai Kung 3 recommended provoking the enemy to become yet stronger, and to increase his forces. In this way he would become proud, and then underestimate the opposing army. When he became strong enough, some weak points would certainly arise, and these were precisely the points at which an attack should be launched. The method was called 'using strength to attack [its own] strength' (kung chhiang i chhiang 4 ).

It should be added that militaristic tendencies in the \Vesl were also stimulated by the embattled heritage of Israel present in Christianity. See Bainton (I); Craigie (I). b This was the case, for example, with the crossbow in Han times and gunpowder weaponry in the WIl Tai and Sung, which we discuss in Vol. 5, pt 7. 30. (5) MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 30. OTHER COMPONENTS OF THE CLASSICAL CHINESE 2. territory, a theory of command, a diagnosis of mili tary ma tters, concepts of army management, of intelligence, of the use of water and fire, of military formations and army training.

Go. b Sun T,u Ping Fa, ch. 7, p. 24. 30. MILITARY TECHNOLOGY g. The principle of acting according to the nature of things and their changes. One should always act according to the flow of events, 'in accordance with the Way of Heaven' (shun thien tao I ), in conformity with the conditions of time and space, and with the laws of change (pien 2 ). " There is the constant change of the seasons, of day and night, of rain and wind. Strength is changed inevitably into weakness, order into chaos, bravery and the wish to fight into hope of retreat.

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