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By Christopher W. Larimer

This publication makes use of a multi-method method of clarify why contemporary Iowa governors were capable of remain in workplace considerably longer than their friends. electorate in Iowa price a private reference to their governor and people governors who forget about that expectation are held liable on the polls.

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From Chapter 1, we know certain political and economic factors are significant in this regard. And certainly recent Iowa governors have been constrained by these factors. But Iowa governors have also been reelected at a rate of 85 percent since 1962 (covering 13 elections through 2014 in which incumbents were running for reelection). This chapter thus seeks to determine the extent to which existing models of gubernatorial popularity apply to the case of Iowa, and what, if anything, such models tell us about gubernatorial popularity more generally.

Along the way, I present descriptive data that addresses how various political and economic factors may have shaped the way Iowans look at their governor. 1 Gubernatorial popularity and reelection in Iowa Perhaps the first question to ask is: Why should we care about gubernatorial popularity? Common sense suggests that more popular governors are likely to do better at the polls than less popular ones, and indeed this relationship has been demonstrated empirically. Patrick Kenney and Tom Rice (1983) were the first to assess whether the popularity of governors affects the proportion of votes received in the most immediate election.

Compound divided government refers to split legislative control (Bowling and Ferguson 2001). 0006 The “Personal” Power of Iowa Governors Since 1969  year from 1969 to 2015, as well as a column indicating whether the governor was operating in an environment of unified control or divided government. Divided government is separated into two categories using the distinction noted by Bowling and Ferguson (2001) whereby “simple divided government” indicates a condition in which both houses of the legislature are controlled by the opposite party of the governor and “compound divided government” indicates a split legislature.

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