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This can be a nice publication for those who simply have to search for a few fast info on a Greek or Roman god. It does pass into element on a few of the extra vital characters like Hercules, yet so much simply have a couple of paragraphs. My major criticism is that although it says "Greek AND ROMAN Mythology" approximately seventy five% of the characters lined are Greek in foundation. it really is great that every personality is classified as both Greek or Roman notwithstanding. This made writing my Roman Mythology paper a lot more straightforward. an excellent booklet for an individual attracted to Mythology :)

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She convinced the guards to turn their backs while the women unclothed. Then the women hurried into the water and swam across the river while the guards hurled spears at them. The women safely reached the shore held by Roman forces and Cloelia 32 CLYTEMNESTRA received great honors for her courage. Lars Porsenna protested the escape as a violation of the truce and the Romans returned all of the women. However, Porsenna changed his mind and admitted that Cloelia was very brave and granted freedom to her and a group of hostages (whom she would choose).

In one story, Bellerophon, a very handsome young man loved by many women, is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to kill the CHIMERA, a firebreathing monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a serpent’s tail. The seer Polyeidus advises the young hero to capture the winged horse, PEGASUS. Bellerophon succeeds, with the help of the goddess ATHENE, who gives him a golden bridle. Pegasus and Bellerophon kill the monster. Bellerophon and his fabulous horse have many adventures, but the young man makes a mistake when he decides to ride Pegasus up to OLYMPUS, the home of the gods.

ASCANIUS In Roman mythology, the son of and his wife, Creusa. When Troy fell (see Ascanius fled with his parents and his grandfather, ANCHISES. He is said to have founded ALBA LONGA, a city of ancient LATIUM near Lake Albano, southeast of ROME. Since he is also called Iulus or Julus, the family of Julius Caesar, the mighty Roman emperor, claimed descent from him. The story of Ascanius is told by the Latin poet VIRGIL in the AENEID. AENEAS TROJAN WAR), ASCLEPIUS Greek god of medicine and healing; son of APOLLO and CORONIS; father of HYGEIA and others.

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