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By Heather Burnett

This e-book provides a brand new conception of the connection among vagueness, context-sensitivity, gradability, and scale constitution in average language. Heather Burnett argues that it's attainable to differentiate among specific subclasses of adjectival predicates--relative adjectives like tall, overall adjectives like dry, partial adjectives like rainy, and non-scalar adjectives like hexagonal--on the root of ways their Read more...


This e-book offers a brand new concept of the connection among vagueness, context-sensitivity, gradability, and scale constitution in ordinary language. Heather Burnett proposes a brand new formal reasoning Read more...

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This map is more geographical than that one. This shape is more hexagonal than that one. Furthermore, scalar adjectives are just those that can appear with other kinds of degree modifiers like very, so, and this. (8) a. b. c. d. e. John is very/so/this tall. This watch is very/so/this expensive. This road is very/so/this straight. My cup is very/so/this empty. This towel is very/so/this dry. e. Mary is more pregnant than Sue: she’s farther along). Gradable uses of NSs will be discussed later in this section.

4 Variable halos. For a variable x1 , h(x1 ) = X, ≤h(x1 ) , where X ⊆ D and ≤h(x1 ) is a reflexive, transitive, and anti-symmetric relation. • Furthermore, g(x1 ) ∈ dom(h(x1 )) and there is no a2 ∈ dom(h(x1 )) such that g(x1 ) = a2 and a2 ≤h(x1 ) g(x1 ). A halo model together with an assignment is an interpretation. 5 Interpretation. An interpretation I is a pair M, g , where M is a halo model and g is an assignment. 6 Interpretation of terms 1. If x1 is a variable, then I (x1 ) = g(x1 ). 2. If a1 is a constant, then I (a1 ) = m(a1 ).

In Chapters 3 and 4, I will argue that many of the examples discussed in Lasersohn’s paper should, in fact, be treated as instances of vagueness, and, indeed, it is interesting to note how similar Pragmatic Halos (PH) is in spirit to TCS, despite not being devised as a framework for modelling vague language. The framework is laid out (in my notation ) below. 1). ), but this simple language is sufficient to understand how PH works. Like TCS, PH starts with a classical model for interpreting the language, and extends it with more structure.

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