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By Marek Kuzniak, Agnieszka Libura, Michal Szawerna

The origins of this quantity lie within the overseas convention Cognitive Linguistics within the yr 2012, convened by means of the Polish Cognitive Linguistics organization. The complaints of the convention revolved round 3 significant thematic parts: metaphorical and metonymic underpinnings of which means in language and past, prototypical and sluggish phenomena bearing on linguistic categorization around the lexicogrammatical continuum, and the necessity for advancing theoretical instruments. those habitual topics are mirrored within the three-part constitution of this quantity, with contributions from approximately dozen researchers exploring a extensive array of linguistic in addition to non-linguistic info

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1990. Metaphor in American Sign Language. Unpublished BA dissertation, University of California, Berkeley. Jolly, Eric J. & Charlotte G. O’Kelly. 1980. Sex-role stereotyping in the language of the deaf. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research 6(2), 285–292. Klima, Edward & Ursula Bellugi. 1979. The Signs of Language. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. Lakoff, George. 1987. Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal about the Mind. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lakoff, George.

The sign father expresses the stereotype of father dominance by means of either the metaphor powerful is up or family is a person paired with the metonymy subcategory for whole category related to social expectations, hence in the way postulated for its ASL counterpart. It thus has in its structure the form of metaphtonymy which is called metaphor-within-metonymy. The signs grandfather, son and grandmother, daughter are all compounds which do not express the up-down location contrast (Hendzel 1995: 71, 257, 41, 57).

The primarily mental nature of metaphor is also proved by its presence in human gesticulation. The observations made by Lakoff and Johnson have taken the form of a coherent theory, 52 Amelia Kiełbawska including the richness of (mainly verbal) phenomena, and named the conceptual theory of metaphor. The assumptions of the theory are also found in the contemporary gesture studies. 2. An attempt of a definition of metaphorical gesture. The dynamics of metaphoricity Gesture researchers distinguish metaphoric (metaphorical) gestures among various kinds of gestures, often simultaneously to the achievements of conceptual theory of metaphor.

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