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By David Young, Cheryl Young

I first all started tying flies in 1955. My info got here from a booklet released through the outdated save Herter . i purchased my fabrics from them and that i keep in mind receiving unfastened hackle packaged in a brown paper lunch bag. It took me longer to discover the perfect hackle than to tie a fly. i used to be addicted to tying whilst I stuck an eight-pound rainbow on my first actual fly. It used to be a Mickey fin tied with feathers rather than hair. i've been an avid tier ever given that. This pastime guided me to a occupation as a dentist. i admire developing issues with my palms. Now I appreciate designing new flies to check the numerous waters that I get pleasure from fishing. colourful images and illustrations are incorporated on each web page during this booklet.

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Push the hair back to compress it. Repeat steps until body area is filled with flared hair. Carefully trim and shape body into a narrow cigar shape. Attach yarn wing by figure 8 wrappings. Divide the wing and firmly secure it on top off the hook shank. Select hackle for proper size and desired stiffness. Tie in stem with 2 loose wraps to place, followed up with 3 to 5 tight thread wraps. Concave side of hackle is opposite of body. Wind hackle evenly forward to 1mm behind hook eye. Tie off with 3 to 5 tight thread wraps.

Whip finish head with 4 to 8 turns. Pull tag end firmly and cut off excess thread. Place a drop of head cement on knot and allow it to penetrate both the thread base and hackle stems. Gray Drake Spinner Fly Name Wrap thread onto the hook shank from about 1mm behind the eye to the start of the hook bend. Tie in about 4 to 6 moose hairs with 2 loose thread wraps. Reposition to desired length and position. Secure with 5 tight wraps. Tie in about 6 to 8 Krystal Flash fibers to form the wing. Figure 8 them in place so they spread out spent wing style.

Apply a thin amount of dubbing. Spread dubbing fibers out evenly on thread. Twist dubbing evenly on thread with thumb and forefinger. Wrap dubbed thread evenly forward to the front end of the body. Tie off with 3 to 5 tight wraps. Note: it is common to either over or underestimate the dubbing amount. It is easy to add more dubbing or pinch off excess dubbing. Tie in 2 strips of closed cell foam and angle the wings in a 45˚ downward attitude. Position with 3 loose wraps then secure with 5 tight wraps.

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